Everyone has problems juggling the demands of work, family, and other obligations that combine to make life stressful. In 2018, The University of Alabama contracted with American Behavioral to provide professionally trained counselors to give you options and resources for coping more effectively with a variety of life challenges. Effective Oct. 4, 2021, American Behavioral will be rebranded as Uprise Health after a recent acquisition. The new brand better reflects the company’s focus on being a digital mental health company market leader that cares for the total person.

Uprise Health is a full-service behavioral health care organization with a nationwide network of licensed and credentialed providers in 38 specialties. Eligible employees and dependents residing in Tuscaloosa, outside of Tuscaloosa and even out-of-state will have expanded access to highly-qualified EAP counselors.

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential assessment and short-term, professional counseling services. Eligible employees and dependents may receive up to five (5) free face-to-face sessions per episode per year to address pressures associated with marital and family issues, grief and loss, interpersonal relationship difficulties and more. Uprise Health also provides unlimited access to scheduled, telephonic counseling or coaching sessions.

To access articles, tips, self-assessment, and skill-building tools, go to www.uprisehealth.com and register your account by clicking Member Login, then Register using UofA as your company name. To locate an EAP Provider in your area, find out more information about how the EAP may help you, or to schedule an appointment, contact Uprise Health at (800) 925-5327.


Counseling Services 

The University of Alabama’s EAP is an employee assistance and counseling program designed to provide eligible employees and their family members with resources for resolving work-related and personal problems, including but not limited to:

  • Marital and Relational
  • Parent-Child
  • Behavioral Problems of Child
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Emotional and Stress-Related
  • Job-Related
  • Personal and Household Budgeting
  • Extended Family

The Employee Assistance Program provides a free assessment, short-term counseling (5 in-person sessions), and referral services. Referrals are made in consultation with you if additional mental health services are needed. The benefits provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama will be explored with you in selecting a provider.


Work-Life Services

Personal Advantage is a work-life website that contains more than 20,000 articles and interactive resources for topics such as emotional well-being, family life, health, financial, legal, personal growth and stress. Popular items include personal development training, downloadable will kits, financial calculators, and parenting articles. Employees have access to a free, comprehensive legal consultation or free session with a certified financial professional, as well as referrals to thousands of community resources including 12-step groups, community mental health agencies, and more. Visit www..uprisehealth.com and select Member Login to register.


On Site Crisis Intervention

In the event of a major disaster, loss of life, or crisis situation, Uprise Health EAP staff is available to provide on-site assistance also known as Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) within 2 hours. Please contact the Department of Human Resources at (205) 348-7732 when a “critical incident” impacts your employees or the workplace.


Confidential Services

EAP services are always confidential. Information regarding you and your counseling sessions is not released to your manager or supervisor and will not be made a part of your personnel file. Only statistical data is reported to the University that provides a composite of the employee population served. Your right to privacy is protected within the State of Alabama and federal guidelines.