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Change of Address, Marital Status or Emergency Contact

Address & Personal Information Change Form
Instructions for myBama Employee Self-Service Features

Compensation for Additional Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications

Compensation for Additional Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications Form

Direct Deposit Setup

Direct Deposit Instructions: (Adobe PDF)
Payroll Debit Card Direct Deposit Agreement : (Adobe PDF)

UA eTime

UA-eTime Electronic Approver/TimeKeeper Change Request Instructions
UA-eTime Electronic Approver/Timekeeper Change Request
UA-eTime Approver/Timekeeper Guide
UA-eTime Converting Overtime to Comp Time Earned
UA-eTime Web Clock Entry Guide
UA-eTime Time Clock Entry Guide
UA-eTime Timesheet Entry Guide
UA-eTime Lunch Override Instructions
UA-eTime Pay Code Guide

Leave Reporting

Monthly Leave Reporting Approval Instructions
Monthly Leave Reporting Questions and Answers
Monthly Leave Reporting Time Entry Instructions

New Faculty Staff Set-Up Form & Instructions

New Faculty/Staff Set-up Form (Please utilize a browser other than Google Chrome to open)

New Faculty/Staff Set Up Form Instructions

New Staff Setup Note: Staff employees that are hired through the PageUp employment system do not need to complete this form.  Individuals hired through the PageUp employment system complete this form electronically after accepting their offer.

New Hire 

New Hire Form
New Hire Form Instructions

Off Cycle Payroll Request

Off Cycle Payroll Request Guidelines

Off Cycle Payroll Request Form

Payroll Deductions

Giving Opportunities via Payroll Deductions

Supplemental Pay

Approval Request for Supplemental or Occasional Pay Form 
Additional Assignment Request Form   (Utilize a browser other than Google Chrome to open)
Relocation Allowance Request Form

Tax Withholding Forms

For Tax Withholding Forms please log in to myBama and click the Employee Tab.  Then navigate to the Employee Dashboard, Tax forms then found under the “Taxes” tab. 

Self-service for updating state income tax withholding status is available for the state of Alabama only. Employees whose primary work location is a state other than Alabama and who wish to update their state income tax withholding status must complete a state income tax withholding certificate for their perspective state and submit it to Payroll Services.

Foreign nationals wishing to change their W-4 and/or A-4 forms should contact the Tax Office at

Note: Payroll Services cannot provide tax advice.  For questions please contact your accountant or tax professional.

Federal Tax Withholding Form W-4 –
State of Alabama Tax Withholding Form A-4 –

W-2, Wage & Tax Information

Electronic W-2 Instructions & Information
IRS Notice to Employee and Instructions to Employee
Reporting Annual Medical Premiums on 2012 W-2 Forms
W-2 Reprint Instructions