Guidelines and Forms

Certain UA guidelines found in the Staff Handbook, Faculty Handbook, OIT website, Onboarding information, and various other places are supported and monitored through payroll processes. This page is intended to provide an overview of some of the more commonly used guidelines, as well as links to additional information and the required forms. For details on payroll specific systems and procedures, please visit the dedicated pages found on the Payroll Homepage.

Off-Cycle Payroll

Off-cycle checks are occasionally processed between scheduled check dates to avoid undue financial hardship caused by a missed payment (i.e. the employee received no pay during a month). These checks require manual entry and intervention by multiple contacts in benefits and payroll. Due to the administrative burden and associated cost, as well as potential TRS penalties, these payments are limited to only those situations outlined in the Off-Cycle Payroll Request Guidelines. Off-cycle payments cannot be direct deposited, therefore a check will be printed. The following guidelines and request process are provided to emphasize consistent application for when off-cycle payments are made.

Off-Cycle Payroll Request Guidelines

Off-Cycle Payroll Request Form

Supplemental Pay

Supplemental compensation is compensation paid through the University payroll to an employee that is in addition to the employee’s base pay for their regular, primary assignment. This could include a one-time or on-going special work assignment e.g., overload, consulting work, special projects for home department or special projects for other department in area of expertise. This may also include payments such as commissions, bonuses, or awards. Prior written approval, using the Approval Request for Supplemental or Occasional Pay form, is required for all supplemental compensation activities. This request should be approved prior to the work being performed.


Staff Supplemental Compensation Policy

Supplemental or Occasional Pay Form (DocuSign)   Note the Approver Routing instructions on the form.

Relocation Allowance

If a department wishes to pay an amount towards relocation costs for a new hire, this will be paid as a taxable moving allowance. There are two options for the timing of moving allowance payments. Payment can be processed prior to the employment start date through Accounts Payable or after the employment start date through Payroll.

If the hiring department elects to make the payment after the employment start date, the Moving Expense will be processed through payroll as a one-time payment on the supplemental payroll. For this option, applicable taxes will be withheld at the time of payment. A copy of the offer letter and/or the signed Relocation Allowance Request Form stating the amount of the moving expense allowance must be attached to the ePA as documentation. Note, the appointment ePA must be received before any supplemental ePAs can be processed.

Temporary Living Expense is a separate type of moving allowance that hiring departments may offer to offset the additional cost of temporary living accommodations associated with a relocation. This type of allowance is also processed through payroll using an ePA. These supplemental payments are paid on the monthly payroll schedule with applicable taxes withheld at the time of payment. It can be submitted as a one-time or recurring payment depending on the agreed upon duration of the temporary living allowance. A copy of the offer letter and/or the signed Relocation Allowance Request Form that stipulates the amount and duration of the Temporary Living Expense must be submitted with the ePA. Note, if the ePA for Temporary Living Expense is submitted with a begin date after the 1st of the month, the first monthly installment of allowance will be prorated.

Relocation Allowance Request Form

Accounts Payable Relocation Allowance Information  For payments through Accounts Payable prior to employment start date.

New Hire Record Request Form

Most faculty and staff New Hires receive their Campus Wide Identification Number (CWID) required for the appointment ePA through the hiring process in the PageUp applicant tracking system. The information required to assign a CWID is obtained electronically after accepting the online employment offer through PageUp. Therefore, faculty and staff positions hired through PageUp, should NOT use the New Hire Record Request form.

For faculty and staff positions hired outside the PageUp applicant tracking system, the New Hire Record Request Form will be required to assign a CWID. This form should be initiated by the hiring department and completed by the new hire after the offer of employment has been accepted and all pre-employment screens have been approved. The forms for staff positions will route to Talent Acquisition to confirm all necessary pre-employment screens have been approved. The forms for faculty positions will route to Academic Affairs to confirm all necessary pre-employment screens have been approved. Once confirmed, Talent Acquisition / Academic Affairs will submit the form to Payroll for processing.

Payroll will use the information on the New Hire Record Request form to create a record of the individual and assign a CWID. Once the CWID has been created, the hiring department will submit an appointment ePA to establish the employment record. The employment record is necessary for onboarding activities, payroll processing, OIT services and access to other campus privileges.

Instructions for New Hire Record Request Form in DocuSign

New Hire Record Request Form (DocuSign)

Access to Campus Privileges

UA is fortunate to have many visiting scholars, researchers, contractors, and other groups sharing our campus community.  Occasionally, these affiliates need access to certain campus privileges (buildings, systems, etc.) similar to UA employees.  In order for access to be granted by the various areas around campus, the affiliate must have a CWID and record in the Banner System.  Payroll Services can assist with this setup using the Access to Campus Privileges Setup Form.

For individuals being hired into paid positions with UA, this form is NOT needed. These individuals will receive access to campus privileges based on the employment start date.  Once the appointment ePA has been submitted and processed, access to campus privileges is granted (and continued) through policies established by OIT based on the employment status.

Instructions for Access to Campus Privileges Setup Form in DocuSign

Access to Campus Privileges Setup Form (DocuSign)

Updating Personal Information & Changing Name

The Employee Dashboard can be found on the Employee tab of myBama. This dashboard allows employees to view and update personal information such as phone number, address, emails, and emergency contacts through the My Profile link. Instructions for Self Service can be found below. If you no longer have access to myBama or have issues making changes, please submit the Change Form below to the HR Service Center. This form is NOT needed if changes are made through myBama.

The Change Form below can also be submitted to the HR Service Center to update an employee’s legal name. Name changes can only be processed after the employee obtains an updated Social Security Card with the new name. A copy of the card must be presented to make the change, and the name will be changed to what is listed on the Social Security Card.

Step-by-Step Instructions for myBama Employee Dashboard Self-Service Options

Change Form (Name & Address Changes)

Direct Deposit

All employees are required to participate in payroll direct deposit. Employees’ pay will be deposited into the account(s) of their choice. These accounts are setup and managed by the employee through the Employee Dashboard. Instructions for setting up direct deposit accounts through the Employee Dashboard can be found below. Work study students are excluded from UA’s mandatory direct deposit policy but may participate to take advantage of the additional convenience and security provided by direct deposit.

Alternatively, employees may voluntarily elect to direct deposit all or part of their pay to a payroll debit card offered through Dash Paycard. Enrollment forms, card details, and enrollment instructions can be found in the Dash Paycard Employee Packet below.

If your first payment is processed prior to setting up your direct deposit account, your payment will be made via a printed check. You will be notified by the HR Service Center if you have a check to be picked up. Printed checks can be picked up from the HR Service Center, located at 1515 Flint River Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Checks not picked up within 7 business days, will be mailed to the most recent mailing address on file with HR. For questions regarding check pick up, please contact the HR Service Center at 205-348-7732.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Direct Deposit Setup

Dash Paycard Employee Packet