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General Hiring Practices
• Re-Employment of Retirees 
Performance Management
Introductory Period Review Guidelines
Performance Evaluations Guidelines 
•Performance Improvement Plan Guidelines (Adobe PDF) 
•UA Employee Performance Improvement Plan template (Contact your HR Partner ) 
• Introductory Period Chart 
• Employee Assistance Program
Employee Recognition
Corrective Counseling Guidelines
• Progressive Discipline Policy
Employee Assistance Program
Onboarding Checklist
New Employee Orientation 
Learning and Development
• Learning and Development Home
• Spark
• SkillPort
• Training Academy
• Compliance Training Overview
 … .
• Staff Hiring, Promotions and Transfers
• Compensable Time Policy 
• Special Pay Policies and Practices
• UA Travel Guidelines
• Staff Pay Structure
• Maintenance Pay Plan
Time Off and Leaves
• Holiday Schedule
• Annual Leave
• Sick Leave
• Military Leave Policy
• Family and Medical Leave Policy 
 Family and Medical Leave Forms
• Other Paid Leaves
 …  …
 Time Keeping and Reporting
• eTime Instructions
• Monthly Leave Reporting Instructions
Leaving UA