The following leave policies are described in detail with specific procedures in the Employee Handbook and Faculty Handbook. Please refer to the relevant document for complete details of each leave type.

Annual Leave

  • Professional Staff earn 1.833 workdays for each month worked up to a maximum of 22 days annual leave per calendar year, subject to proration based on FTE.
  • Non-Exempt Staff earn annual leave in proportion to their length of service, ranging from 12 – 22 days per calendar year.
  • Faculty – Please refer to the Faculty Handbook.

Sick Leave

  • Professional Staff and Non-Exempt Staff earn one (1) workday for each month worked up to a maximum of 12 days sick leave per calendar year, subject to proration based on FTE.
  • Faculty – Please refer to the Faculty Handbook.

Exempt employees experiencing a prolonged serious illness may request up to six (6) months of additional paid leave once accrued sick and annual leave have been exhausted. Extended sick leave may be approved by the President or his designee, provided the employee’s duties can be covered through reassignment.


Variable days to include Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Spring Break, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, and more. Click here for a current holiday schedule.

Family and Medical Leave 

Per UA’s Family Medical Leave Policy, qualifying employees may be eligible for 12 work weeks of unpaid Family and Medical Leave (FML) within any 12 month rolling period and be restored to the same or a similar, equivalent position upon their return to work. In addition, qualifying employees may take up to 26 work weeks in a 12 month period for Military Caregiver Leave. Refer to the Family Medical Leave Act webpage for additional information.

Paid Parental Leave

Effective Jan. 1, 2022, the Paid Parental Leave Policy supports the University’s work-life balance efforts by providing eligible employees up to four work weeks (20 days/160 hours maximum) of paid leave time for recovery from childbirth and/or to bond with their newborn child, adopted child, or a child placed for adoption or foster care. Additional information is available to review on the Paid Parental Leave webpage.

Faculty Maternity or Sick Leave 

In the event of pregnancy or an illness, a faculty member will receive maternity leave or sick leave for periods which may be as long as six months. The University may request confirmation from competent medical sources of the need for maternity leave or sick leave. When a faculty member goes on such a leave, the department chairperson or dean must arrange for colleagues to carry out the faculty member’s obligations or must make other arrangements for fulfilling those obligations. Maternity leave covers recovery from pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, and from any resulting disabilities. Refer to the Faculty Handbook for additional information.

Faculty Sabbatical 

The University offers tenured faculty members opportunities to apply for sabbatical leaves to engage in activities designed for professional growth, development, and renewal. The goal of a sabbatical leave is to enhance the professional effectiveness of the faculty member and to enrich the academic climate of the University. Refer to the Faculty Handbook for additional information.

Administrative Sabbatical Leave

In order to maintain and enhance the professional competence and productivity of the administrative and professional staff, the University makes available the opportunity for exempt staff to apply for sabbatical leave.  To be eligible to apply for sabbatical leave, staff members must have completed at least six years of full-time, continuous service with the University and must have developed a well-articulated plan for professional, self-improvement activity.  Sabbatical leave will be for four-and-one-half months (the equivalent of an academic term) at full pay or nine months at half pay.  Application for sabbatical leave should be made by letter addressed to the immediate supervisor.

Staff Administrative Leaves

Qualified employees will be placed on administrative leave and excused without loss of pay, based on their eligibility, for the reasons listed below. If any of the following administrative leaves fall within annual or sick leave, they will be taken as administrative leave and not charged against annual or sick leave.

  • Jury Duty
  • Witness Summons
  • Suspension of Normal Campus Operations
  • Bereavement / Funeral Leave
  • Birthday Leave

Military Leave

All staff who are active members of the Alabama National Guard or of any other reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States are eligible for a military leave of absence for performance of military duty. Time spent on military leave, (whether paid or unpaid), is not considered a break in employment. Refer to the Military Leave policy.

Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons

Employees may request an unpaid personal leave of absence. The request for leave must be made in writing and is subject to the supervisor’s approval. The department should consult with Department of Human Resources. Overstaying a leave of absence without proper notification and approval may constitute an automatic resignation and the loss of the right to reinstatement. An employee may be required to use accrued leave before taking a leave of absence without pay.

NOTE: A leave of absence may be requested for up to six (6) months to attend classes at The University of Alabama as a full-time student.