The purpose of the annual performance evaluation is to take a realistic snapshot of the employee’s job performance and provide a vehicle for discussion between the supervisor and employee on the employee’s strengths, areas for improvement and their goals and objectives.

General Information

The evaluation period runs from May 1 through April 30. Employees who have not completed their introductory period as of April 30 should be given the appropriate appraisal upon completion of their six months introductory period. However, a supervisor should conduct a goal planning session with ALL employees under their supervision to determine goals and objectives. It is not necessary to conduct evaluations on temporary as well as Post Doctoral employees.

For consistency, it is important that every department use The University of Alabama Annual Employee Performance Evaluation forms which can be found on the HR website. Please contact Human Resources if you need to use a special form for accreditation or for other reasons.

Annual Performance Evaluation Form – Short:  This form may be more appropriate for those in professional and supervisory positions.

  • Short Form (Download Short Form) (First save the PDF version of the form to your computer before typing and saving content to the form)

Annual Performance Evaluation Form – Comprehensive:  This form provides a more detailed approach to the annual performance review and may be more appropriate for those in more task oriented positions.

Goals/Objectives Planning and Review Form:  This form is used to set goals and objectives for the upcoming year as well as to review the employee’s progress at the end of the evaluation period.


Performance Evaluation Information –  Please download the PDF version of the performance evaluation form and save it to your computer, then edit and save the information.  

Evaluation Process

Each Vice President, Dean, Director and Department Head should ensure that an annual performance evaluation and the establishment of goals and objectives are accomplished for each staff employee within his or her area of responsibility.  The employee’s immediate supervisor’s responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Immediate supervisor – Completes the appropriate evaluation form.
  2. Next level supervisor – Reviews the performance evaluation and approves.
  3. Immediate supervisor – Review and discuss the evaluation with the employee in a face-to-face meeting.  This time can also be used to set goals and objectives for the upcoming year.
  4. Employee – Reviews his or her performance evaluation and signs the form verifying the review has been discuss.  The employee’s signature does not necessarily indicate agreement with the employee.  The employee should also review and sign the Goals/Objectives Planning and Review Evaluation form.

Copies should be issued to the employee and maintained in the department. All original employee evaluations and the Goals/Objectives Planning and Review forms should be forwarded to 1670 Ruby Tyler Parkway/Box 870174  to be recorded and filed by May 31.

NOTE:  An employee who receives an overall performance rating of “Unacceptable” should not be considered for a merit pay increase and should be put on a Performance Improvement Plan.   The supervisor should contact their assigned HR Partner to obtain a copy of the Performance Improvement Plan form to discuss how to proceed.

For questions concerning the performance evaluation process, contact your assigned HR Partner. 
You can also check out tips for Supervisors in Conducting a Successful Performance Evaluation.