HR Business Partners provide professional guidance and consultation to University employees, managers, supervisors and administrators on a variety of Human Resources issues that affect the work environment. Human Resources provides the following services:

  • Consult with managers to resolve work related-problems that may relate to job performance, corrective action plans and/or progressive discipline;
  • Work with employees to address management and work environment concerns;
  • Develop, interpret and administer University policies and procedures;
  • Coordinate services provided by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • Provide oversight for the Annual Performance Review process;
  • Serve as a resource for Individuals with Disabilities working at the University;
  • Administer the Staff Dispute Resolution process;
  • Conduct training on a variety of Human Resources and Employment Topics.

Contact Information for Business Partners is as follows:

Travis Railsback, Director – Email: Phone: (205) 348-0869

Mary Nye, Assistant Director – Email: Phone: (205) 348-2273

Sharon Hale, Sr. HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-4641

Jaime Mitchell, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-3099

Keoka Washington, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-4315

Pedro Guevara, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-3093

Todd Copeland, Sr. HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-5818

Sally Moore, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-3171

Justin Kamerow, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-2224

Meghan Royster, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-2225

Lasonjia Spann, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-2223

Angela Hunter, HR Business Partner – Email: Phone: (205) 348-5342

Locate your assigned HR Business Partner by searching your department in the search box above the table
Organization CodeDepartmentAssigned HR Business Partner
100141UA InsuranceHale, Sharon B.
150101President OfficeHale, Sharon B.
150106Special Services/EventsHale, Sharon B.
150107Capstone Men and WomenHale, Sharon B.
151101Special Detail ServicesHale, Sharon B.
200001VP Academic Affairs OfficeMitchell, Jaime
200002Student OutreachMitchell, Jaime
200006OAA Faculty/Staff AffairsMitchell, Jaime
200011Office of Disability ServicesMitchell, Jaime
200012Office of Inst EffectivenessMitchell, Jaime
200013Faculty SenateMitchell, Jaime
200015Institutional ResearchMitchell, Jaime
200018Center for Academic SuccessMitchell, Jaime
200019Undergrad Advising & Student SuMitchell, Jaime
200025Special ProjectsMitchell, Jaime
200026Office of Disabil Serv-AccomMitchell, Jaime
200028NOAA ReimbursementMitchell, Jaime
200501Overseas Studies (Main Account)Mitchell, Jaime
200521English Language InstituteMitchell, Jaime
200601Assoc VP for Enrollment MgtMitchell, Jaime
200603AdmissionsMitchell, Jaime
200604Undergraduate Scholarship OfficMitchell, Jaime
200611Admissions Campus Recruiting/ToMitchell, Jaime
200612Admissions ProcessingMitchell, Jaime
200621University RegistrarMitchell, Jaime
200631OrientationMitchell, Jaime
200641Financial AidMitchell, Jaime
200651Technical Support ServicesMitchell, Jaime
200701Information TechnologyMitchell, Jaime
200711Network and Computing SupportMitchell, Jaime
200712PC SupportMitchell, Jaime
200721Enterprise TechnologyMitchell, Jaime
200722Center for Instructional TechnoMitchell, Jaime
200731TelecommunicationsMitchell, Jaime
200801University PressWashington, Keoka
200802Alabama HeritageWashington, Keoka
201101SHC-AdministrationHunter, Angela
201102SHC-SupportHunter, Angela
201103SHC-PhysiciansHunter, Angela
201104SHC-NursingHunter, Angela
201106SHC-PharmacyHunter, Angela
201107SHC-Health & WellnessHunter, Angela
201108SHC-InsuranceHunter, Angela
204101Dean's Office-Arts and SciencesKamerow, Justin
204102Arts and Sciences InstructionKamerow, Justin
204105Math Technology CenterKamerow, Justin
204107Blount U/G InitiativeKamerow, Justin
204108Computer LabsKamerow, Justin
204112E-TechKamerow, Justin
204114Collaborative Arts Rsrch InitiaKamerow, Justin
204161Student ServicesKamerow, Justin
204211ArtKamerow, Justin
204213Art GalleryKamerow, Justin
204221EnglishKamerow, Justin
204224Writing CenterKamerow, Justin
204231Modern Languages and ClassicsKamerow, Justin
204232Critical Languages CenterKamerow, Justin
204241MusicKamerow, Justin
204242BandKamerow, Justin
204243Community Music SchoolKamerow, Justin
204251PhilosophyKamerow, Justin
204261Religious StudiesKamerow, Justin
204271Theatre and DanceKamerow, Justin
204281Gender & Race StudiesKamerow, Justin
204411Biological SciencesKamerow, Justin
204413ArboretumKamerow, Justin
204414Biology LabKamerow, Justin
204415Center for Freshwater StudiesKamerow, Justin
204421ChemistryKamerow, Justin
204424StockroomKamerow, Justin
204425Chemistry LabKamerow, Justin
204431GeographyKamerow, Justin
204432Geography LabKamerow, Justin
204441Geological SciencesKamerow, Justin
204451MathematicsKamerow, Justin
204461PhysicsKamerow, Justin
204611American StudiesKamerow, Justin
204621AnthropologyKamerow, Justin
204641Communicative DisordersKamerow, Justin
204651Criminal Justice/SociologyKamerow, Justin
204661HistoryKamerow, Justin
204671Institute for Soc Sciences ResKamerow, Justin
204681New CollegeKamerow, Justin
204691Political ScienceKamerow, Justin
204711PsychologyKamerow, Justin
204713Psychology ClinicKamerow, Justin
204714Autism Spectrum Disorders CliniKamerow, Justin
204718UA-ACTS ProgramKamerow, Justin
204723Ctr for Mental Health & Aging-CKamerow, Justin
204901MuseumsKamerow, Justin
204902Discovering AlabamaKamerow, Justin
204903Mound State ParkKamerow, Justin
204905CurationKamerow, Justin
204906Archaeology ResearchKamerow, Justin
206101Dean's Office-Clvrhse College oRoyster, Meghan
206102Alumni and Corporate RelationsRoyster, Meghan
206103Clvrhse Col of Bus Student ServRoyster, Meghan
206104Career Service SatelliteRoyster, Meghan
206106Career Ctr-Clvrhse Col of BusRoyster, Meghan
206108STEM-CulverhouseRoyster, Meghan
206111Culverhouse DevelopmentRoyster, Meghan
206112 Culverhouse DEIRoyster, Meghan
206113Culverhouse CommunicationsRoyster, Meghan
206114Culverhouse Executive EducationRoyster, Meghan
206115Culverhouse Experiential LearningRoyster, Meghan
206201Ctr for Business and Econ ReseRoyster, Meghan
206205Business Analytics InstituteRoyster, Meghan
206206Entrepreneurship Institute (EI)Royster, Meghan
206210AL Center for Ins Info & ResearRoyster, Meghan
206221Technology ServicesRoyster, Meghan
206222E-commerce LabRoyster, Meghan
206223Computing ServicesRoyster, Meghan
206231Alabama Productivity CenterRoyster, Meghan
206261Real Estate Research CenterRoyster, Meghan
206301MarketingRoyster, Meghan
206401School Of AccountancyRoyster, Meghan
206501Economics Finance and Legal StuRoyster, Meghan
206503TidelabRoyster, Meghan
206601Info Systems/Statistics/Mgt SciRoyster, Meghan
206801ManagementRoyster, Meghan
206901MBA ProgramRoyster, Meghan
206902EMBA ProgramRoyster, Meghan
206904Huntsville EMBA ProgramRoyster, Meghan
207101Dean's Office-CCISMitchell, Jaime
207103CCIS Undergrad Studies & ExternMitchell, Jaime
207151Graduate Studies in CommunicatiMitchell, Jaime
207201Advertising and Public RelationMitchell, Jaime
207251Ctr for Public Television and RMitchell, Jaime
207253WUALMitchell, Jaime
207301Communication StudiesMitchell, Jaime
207351Institute for Comm and Info ResMitchell, Jaime
207401School of Library and Info StudMitchell, Jaime
207451Journalism and Creative MediaMitchell, Jaime
207453Journalism Professorship in WriMitchell, Jaime
207551WVUA 23Mitchell, Jaime
208101Dean's Office-CCHSHunter, Angela
208106Medical Student AffairsHunter, Angela
208107Resident AffairsHunter, Angela
208108CCHS Social WorkHunter, Angela
208111CCHS External RelationsHunter, Angela
208112CCHS Health ITHunter, Angela
208121Rural Health Scholars ProgramsHunter, Angela
208122Community Med & Population HealHunter, Angela
208131Family Internal & Rural Med FIRHunter, Angela
208133FIRM Fellowship - GeriatricHunter, Angela
208141Health Sciences LibraryHunter, Angela
208151FIRM HospitalistsHunter, Angela
208152FIRM Fellowship - HospitalistsHunter, Angela
208161OB and GYNHunter, Angela
208162OB FellowshipHunter, Angela
208171PediatricsHunter, Angela
208181PsychiatryHunter, Angela
208182Psychiatry FellowshipHunter, Angela
208185Brewer PorchHale, Sharon B.
208191SurgeryHunter, Angela
208204Student Health NursingHunter, Angela
208401UMC - ClinicalHunter, Angela
208411UMC Business OfficeHunter, Angela
208421UMC LabHunter, Angela
208431UMC Medical RecordsHunter, Angela
208441UMC Health InformaticsHunter, Angela
208442UMC Resident ClinicHunter, Angela
208443UMC PediatricsHunter, Angela
208444UMC OB/GYNHunter, Angela
208445UMC GoldHunter, Angela
208446UMC PsychiatryHunter, Angela
208447UMC NorthportHunter, Angela
208448UMC Faculty StaffHunter, Angela
208449UMC Sports MedicineHunter, Angela
208450UMC GeriatricsHunter, Angela
209101CCS Prog Support DeanWashington, Keoka
209102CCS Prog Support OLLIWashington, Keoka
209103CCS Prog Support Corp EngagemenWashington, Keoka
209106E-Learning Non-Credit DivisionWashington, Keoka
209201CCS IT DepartmentWashington, Keoka
209301Academic OutreachWashington, Keoka
209304New College Life TrackWashington, Keoka
209305Gadsden CenterWashington, Keoka
209307Academic Outreach Student ServiWashington, Keoka
209312ACCESSWashington, Keoka
209314Instructional Tech & Academic SWashington, Keoka
209315Program Development & MarketingWashington, Keoka
209317Early CollegeWashington, Keoka
209401CCS Prog Support Conf ServicesWashington, Keoka
209403Registration ServicesWashington, Keoka
209501Safe StateWashington, Keoka
209502Environmental ProgramsWashington, Keoka
209503Occupational Safety and HealthWashington, Keoka
209504CCS Prog Support Safe StateWashington, Keoka
209601Test and Data Mgt ServicesWashington, Keoka
212101Dean's Office-EducationWashington, Keoka
212102Dean's Office-Ed Instruction FuWashington, Keoka
212103Education Policy CenterWashington, Keoka
212104Technology Support ServicesWashington, Keoka
212105Inservice CenterWashington, Keoka
212106Office for Research and ServiceWashington, Keoka
212107Tannehill Learning CenterWashington, Keoka
212108Education Evaluation OfficeWashington, Keoka
212109Alabama TransfersWashington, Keoka
212201Student Services and CertificatWashington, Keoka
212301International ProgramsWashington, Keoka
212401Curriculum and InstructionWashington, Keoka
212501Ed Leadership/Policy/Tech StudiWashington, Keoka
212504Executive ED.D ProgramWashington, Keoka
212505Instructional LeadershipWashington, Keoka
212601Ed Studies Psy/Res Method/CounsWashington, Keoka
212701Special Ed and Multiple AbilitiWashington, Keoka
212702CrossingPointsWashington, Keoka
212801KinesiologyWashington, Keoka
212803Alabama Adapted AthleticsWashington, Keoka
212901Music EducationWashington, Keoka
214101Dean's Office - EngineeringMitchell, Jaime
214103Engineering DevelopmentMitchell, Jaime
214106Institute for Automotive EngineMitchell, Jaime
214107Office of Sponsored Eng ProgramMitchell, Jaime
214131Eng Student Services - Stud SupMitchell, Jaime
214132Eng Student Services - InstructMitchell, Jaime
214141Eng Services - MaintenanceMitchell, Jaime
214142Eng Services - TechnologyMitchell, Jaime
214211Aerospace and Eng MechanicsMitchell, Jaime
214221Chemical and Biological EngMitchell, Jaime
214231Civil Const and Env EngineeringMitchell, Jaime
214241Computer ScienceMitchell, Jaime
214251Electrical and Computer EngMitchell, Jaime
214252Remote Sensing CenterMitchell, Jaime
214271Mechanical EngineeringMitchell, Jaime
214281Metallurgical and Materials EngMitchell, Jaime
214291Center for Advance Public SafetMitchell, Jaime
215101Dean's Office-Graduate SchoolSpann, Lasonjia
215109Graduate Student AssociationSpann, Lasonjia
216101Dean's Office-Honors CollegeHale, Sharon B.
216111University Fellows ExperienceHale, Sharon B.
216112UHP RecruitingHale, Sharon B.
216121Randall Research ScholarsHale, Sharon B.
216141University Honors ProgramHale, Sharon B.
216142UHP External OutreachHale, Sharon B.
216144UH Student ServicesHale, Sharon B.
217101HES Dean's OfficeHale, Sharon B.
217102HES InstructionHale, Sharon B.
217105HES Student ServicesHale, Sharon B.
217106HES Computer LabHale, Sharon B.
217201CDRHale, Sharon B.
217301Clothing Textiles/Interior DesiHale, Sharon B.
217401Consumer SciencesHale, Sharon B.
217403CSM IIT-Inst for Interactive TeHale, Sharon B.
217501Health Studies/Athletic TraininHale, Sharon B.
217505HS Distance EducationHale, Sharon B.
217506Health StudiesHale, Sharon B.
217601Human Dev/Family StudiesHale, Sharon B.
217602The Children's Program-Child DeHale, Sharon B.
217701Human NutritionHale, Sharon B.
217702Restaurant/Hotel Hospitality MgHale, Sharon B.
217801RiseHale, Sharon B.
217901University ClubHale, Sharon B.
218101Dean's Office-School of LawWashington, Keoka
218107LLM Tax ProgramWashington, Keoka
218112Adjunct Faculty/LecturersWashington, Keoka
218131General Law StudiesWashington, Keoka
218141Trial AdvocacyWashington, Keoka
218142AL Disability Advocacy Prog (ADWashington, Keoka
218151Continuing Legal EducationWashington, Keoka
218161Law LibraryWashington, Keoka
219101University LibrariesWashington, Keoka
221101ArmyMitchell, Jaime
221201Air ForceMitchell, Jaime
223101Dean's Office-NursingSpann. Lasonjia
223102Nursing InstructionSpann, Lasonjia
223104Nursing Continuing StudiesSpann, Lasonjia
224101Dean's Office-Social WorkHale, Sharon B.
224102Social WorkHale, Sharon B.
224104Social Work Continuing StudiesHale, Sharon B.
224107YSI-ContractsHale, Sharon B.
224108WOWHale, Sharon B.
230101Office of DiversitySpann, Lasonjia
230106AapiSpann, Lasonjia
301101VP AdvancementSpann, Lasonjia
301102Advancement ServicesSpann, Lasonjia
301103Alumni AffairsSpann, Lasonjia
301105DevelopmentSpann, Lasonjia
301107Planned GivingSpann, Lasonjia
301108Alumni Calling CenterSpann, Lasonjia
301201Administra Strategic CommunicatSpann, Lasonjia
301202Communications-Strategic CommunSpann, Lasonjia
301203Marketing & Brand Strategy-StraSpann, Lasonjia
301205CommencementSpann, Lasonjia
401101VP Community AffairsSpann, Lasonjia
401201Ctr for Community-Based PartnerSpann, Lasonjia
401202Crossroads Community CenterSpann, Lasonjia
401401United Way InitiativeSpann, Lasonjia
500001VP Finance and OperationsWashington, Keoka
500002Bryant Conference CenterWashington, Keoka
500101Risk ManagementWashington, Keoka
500201Environmental Health & SafetyWashington, Keoka
500202Life and Fire SafetyWashington, Keoka
500203Environmental and Lab SafetyWashington, Keoka
500301ComplianceWashington, Keoka
500401Equal Opportunity ProgramsWashington, Keoka
500402Title IX OfficeWashington, Keoka
501001Asst VP for Finance and OperatiWashington, Keoka
502101Assoc VP for FinanceWashington, Keoka
502201Student Account ServicesWashington, Keoka
502301PurchasingWashington, Keoka
502304Accounts PayableWashington, Keoka
502305Purchasing Card ServicesWashington, Keoka
502306Procurement ServicesWashington, Keoka
502307Contract AdministrationWashington, Keoka
502401Financial Accounting and RepWashington, Keoka
502501Tax OfficeWashington, Keoka
502601Finance Tech & Data IntegrityWashington, Keoka
504101Associate VP Facilities and GroCopeland, Todd
504103GroundsCopeland, Todd
504104Plumbing MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504105Heating MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504106Refrigeration & Air ConditioninCopeland, Todd
504107Facility CustodialCopeland, Todd
504111Energy ManagementCopeland, Todd
504131Electrical MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504132Elevator MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504191Housing CustodialCopeland, Todd
504231Coliseum MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504234Coliseum Pract Facility MaintenCopeland, Todd
504241Building MaintenanceCopeland, Todd
504248Facilities-Brewer Porch CenterCopeland, Todd
504301Logistical AdministrationCopeland, Todd
504302Logistical SupportCopeland, Todd
504303RecyclingCopeland, Todd
504305Central Rec/PropertyCopeland, Todd
504306Special Property ManagementCopeland, Todd
505101Asst VP for Enterprise OperatioWashington, Keoka
505141Action CardWashington, Keoka
505161University PrintingWashington, Keoka
505162Crimson CopiesWashington, Keoka
505163Bulk MailWashington, Keoka
505164Sign ShopWashington, Keoka
505165Copier Management ProgramWashington, Keoka
505171Supply Store - FergusonWashington, Keoka
505172Supply Store - Law SchoolWashington, Keoka
505173Supply Store - Corner Supe StorWashington, Keoka
505181Food ServiceWashington, Keoka
505351Union on Frank Off-Campus ApartmentsWashington, Keoka
506101Assoc VP for Human ResourcesWashington, Keoka
506102PayrollWashington, Keoka
506109Wellness and Work-LifeWashington, Keoka
506121HR Learning & DevelopmentWashington, Keoka
506131Employee RelationsWashington, Keoka
506132HR Business PartnerWashington, Keoka
506141BenefitsWashington, Keoka
506142Healthcare Insurance AdministraWashington, Keoka
506151Talent AcquisitionWashington, Keoka
506161HR Service CenterWashington, Keoka
507101Public Safety AdministrationMitchell, Jaime
507102Emergency ManagementMitchell, Jaime
507103Threat AssessmentMitchell, Jaime
507121Police OperationsMitchell, Jaime
507141Security TechnologiesMitchell, Jaime
507142Security TechnologyMitchell, Jaime
507143Security ResourcesMitchell, Jaime
507201Parking ServicesMitchell, Jaime
507202Bruno Event TeamMitchell, Jaime
507203TransitMitchell, Jaime
507301Fleet ServicesMitchell, Jaime
507302Automotive ServicesMitchell, Jaime
508101Assoc VP Fin Oper Shared AdminCopeland, Todd
508102Bus Admin for Const & PhysicalCopeland, Todd
508106Capstone Village AdministrationMoore, Sally
508108Capstone Village Facility CostMoore, Sally
508115SAS Business ServicesCopeland, Todd
508405Recycle CenterCopeland, Todd
508408Central Rec/Prop & Inv MgtCopeland, Todd
508501Campus Mail AdministrationCopeland, Todd
508502Campus Mail KirkbrideCopeland, Todd
508503Campus Mail FergusonCopeland, Todd
509101Construction AdministrationCopeland, Todd
510001Campus DevelopmentCopeland, Todd
510201Land Management/MineralsCopeland, Todd
510202Timber ManagementCopeland, Todd
510206Cellular OperationsCopeland, Todd
510222Boone CabinCopeland, Todd
510301University PlanningCopeland, Todd
510401Campus Support ServicesCopeland, Todd
510501Space Planning & MgmtCopeland, Todd
510601Furnishing & DesignCopeland, Todd
510602UpholsteryCopeland, Todd
600101Athletic DirectorHale, Sharon B.
600102AcademicsHale, Sharon B.
600104Business OfficeHale, Sharon B.
600105CheerleadersHale, Sharon B.
600106Crimson CabaretHale, Sharon B.
600108Equipment OperationsHale, Sharon B.
600109FilmHale, Sharon B.
600110Flight OperationsHale, Sharon B.
600111General AdminHale, Sharon B.
600113Athletics CommunicationsHale, Sharon B.
600114ComplianceHale, Sharon B.
600117Strength and ConditioningHale, Sharon B.
600118Ticket OfficeHale, Sharon B.
600119TrainingHale, Sharon B.
600120LicensingHale, Sharon B.
600121PromotionsHale, Sharon B.
600122Crimson Tide ProductionsHale, Sharon B.
600125Student Athlete EnhancementHale, Sharon B.
600145Event TechnologyHale, Sharon B.
600146Athletic PhotographyHale, Sharon B.
600150Information TechnologyHale, Sharon B.
600151Academic TutoringHale, Sharon B.
600152NutritionHale, Sharon B.
600153Crimson RewardsHale, Sharon B.
600154Outbound Ticket SalesHale, Sharon B.
600156Crimson Tide AccessHale, Sharon B.
600157SEC NetworkHale, Sharon B.
600161Human ResourcesHale, Sharon B.
600162Tide Loyalty PointsHale, Sharon B.
600181IA DevelopmentHale, Sharon B.
600202Building MaintenanceHale, Sharon B.
600203Grounds MaintenanceHale, Sharon B.
600205RentalsHale, Sharon B.
601101FootballHale, Sharon B.
601201Basketball - MenHale, Sharon B.
601301BaseballHale, Sharon B.
601401Golf - MenHale, Sharon B.
601501Swimming - MenHale, Sharon B.
601601Tennis - MenHale, Sharon B.
601701Track - MenHale, Sharon B.
602101Basketball - WomenHale, Sharon B.
602201Rowing - WomenHale, Sharon B.
602301Golf - WomenHale, Sharon B.
602401GymnasticsHale, Sharon B.
602501Soccer - WomenHale, Sharon B.
602601SoftballHale, Sharon B.
602701Swimming - WomenHale, Sharon B.
602801Tennis - WomenHale, Sharon B.
603101VolleyballHale, Sharon B.
607102Tide PrideHale, Sharon B.
607107Tide Pride Annual GivingHale, Sharon B.
701101VP ResearchHale, Sharon B.
701105Police for Export ControlsHale, Sharon B.
701106Office for Research CommunicationsHale, Sharon B.
702103AL Innovtn & Mentorg of Entre CHale, Sharon B.
702104Central Analytical FacilityHale, Sharon B.
702105Research ComplianceHale, Sharon B.
702106Animal Care FacilityHale, Sharon B.
702109Technology TransferHale, Sharon B.
702111Alabama EPSCorHale, Sharon B.
702112Bama Technology IncubatorHale, Sharon B.
702201Sponsored Program AdminHale, Sharon B.
702202Contract and Grant AccountingHale, Sharon B.
703101AVP Research & Tech AgreementsHale, Sharon B.
750101Economic Development-OutreachHale, Sharon B.
750103Tourism ProjectHale, Sharon B.
750104Alabama Trails CommissionHale, Sharon B.
750201Economic Dev-Al Int'l Trade CenHale, Sharon B.
750202Alabama SBDC NetworkHale, Sharon B.
750401Alabama Transportation InstitutHale, Sharon B.
750501Alabama Water Institute (AWI)Hale, Sharon B.
750502Global Water Security CenterHale, Sharon B.
750601Materials for Info Tech (MINT)Hale, Sharon B.
750801Alabama Life Research InstituteHale, Sharon B.
800101VP Student LifeGuevara, Pedro
800102Associate VP Student LifeGuevara, Pedro
800103Believe UAGuevara, Pedro
800112Student Life External RelationsGuevara, Pedro
800201Student Life AssessmentGuevara, Pedro
810101Assoc VP for Health & WellnessGuevara, Pedro
810102Collegiate Recovery & InterventGuevara, Pedro
810103Collegiate Recovery CommunityGuevara, Pedro
810201W&GRC-Administration/OperationsGuevara, Pedro
810204W&GRC-AdvocacyGuevara, Pedro
820102Student Life Business ServicesGuevara, Pedro
820201Ferguson Center AdministrationGuevara, Pedro
820204Ferguson Center FacilitiesGuevara, Pedro
820205Ferguson Center HousekeepingGuevara, Pedro
820210Ferguson Center ReservationsGuevara, Pedro
820211Ferguson Computer LabGuevara, Pedro
820301Web Development ProcessesGuevara, Pedro
820401HRC AdministrationGuevara, Pedro
820409HRC-Burke/Parham/Bryant/BL/HighGuevara, Pedro
820410HRC-PV2Guevara, Pedro
820411HRC Facility OperationsGuevara, Pedro
820412Conference HostGuevara, Pedro
820414Res Life Marketing & CommunicatGuevara, Pedro
820415HRC-Off Campus ResourcesGuevara, Pedro
820416HRC-Tutwiler/Harris/Blount/FrieGuevara, Pedro
820417HRC ResComm-RidgecrestGuevara, Pedro
820418HRC-Riverside/PatyGuevara, Pedro
820419HRC-PV1/LakesideGuevara, Pedro
820601UREC AdministrationGuevara, Pedro
820602UREC IntramuralsGuevara, Pedro
820603UREC Facility OperationsGuevara, Pedro
820605SAC at Presidential VillageGuevara, Pedro
820606UREC MarketingGuevara, Pedro
820608UREC Aquatic CenterGuevara, Pedro
820621UREC Membership ServicesGuevara, Pedro
820623UREC Patron/Customer ServicesGuevara, Pedro
820631UREC Fitness/Group ExerciseGuevara, Pedro
820632UREC Personal TrainingGuevara, Pedro
820633UREC EquestrianGuevara, Pedro
820641UREC OutdoorGuevara, Pedro
820642UREC Climbing WallGuevara, Pedro
820701UREC Club - AdministrationGuevara, Pedro
830101Career Center AdminGuevara, Pedro
830105Engineering Co-opGuevara, Pedro
840101Counseling CenterGuevara, Pedro
850101Student Involvement & LeadershiGuevara, Pedro
850102The SOURCEGuevara, Pedro
850104AVP Student EngagementGuevara, Pedro
850107First Year Exp & Retention InitGuevara, Pedro
850109Camp 1831Guevara, Pedro
850201University Programs GeneralGuevara, Pedro
850601SGA ExecutiveGuevara, Pedro
850701Voluntary ServicesGuevara, Pedro
850704Al's PalsGuevara, Pedro
860101Blackburn InstituteGuevara, Pedro
860207Parent OrientationGuevara, Pedro
860210Parent and Family ProgramsGuevara, Pedro
860301Student Media AdminGuevara, Pedro
860302Student MediaGuevara, Pedro
870101Office of Student ConductGuevara, Pedro
870103Boys StateGuevara, Pedro
870105Girls StateGuevara, Pedro
870201Dean of StudentsGuevara, Pedro
870202Student Care & Well-beingGuevara, Pedro
870301Fraternity & Sorority LifeGuevara, Pedro
870302Greek House DirectorsGuevara, Pedro
870501Student GovernanceGuevara, Pedro
870601Veterans/Military AffairsGuevara, Pedro