Beginning with Open Enrollment 2021 (October 15 – October 30, 2020), the University of Alabama will offer identity theft protection from LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier with coverage effective January 1, 2021. LifeLock helps provide employees peace of mind with comprehensive protection for their identity, connected devices, and online privacy with SafeCam. Enhanced features include Home Title Monitoring, Bank Account Takeover Alerts and Three Bureau Credit Monitoring. If a potential identity threat is detected in our network, the employee is notified via email, text, phone or mobile app alerts.

LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier also combines leading identity theft protection with device security and protection against online threats to help protect against identity thieves trying to steal personal information from PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. This plan also includes up to 50 GB of Norton Cloud Backup as a preventive measure to data loss due to hard drive failures and ransomware, Parental Controls to help members manage their kids’ online time and Password Manager to securely manage passwords and logins.

LifeLock Identity Protection features:
Home Title Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring
24/7 Live Member Support
Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts
Stolen Wallet Protection
Checking & Savings Account Application Alerts
401K & Investment Account Activity Alerts
LifeLock Identity Alert System
LifeLock Privacy Monitor
Identity Verification Monitoring
One-Bureau Monthly Credit Score Tracking
Bank Account Takeover Alerts
One-Bureau Credit Application Alerts
Three-Bureau Annual Credit Reports & Scores
Credit, Bank & Utility Account Freezer
LifeLock Skill for Amazon Alexa
Fictitious Identity Monitoring
Million Dollar Protection Package
U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Specialists
Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring
Norton Device Security features:
Parental Control
Online Threat Protection
Password Manager
Cloud Backup
Smart Firewall

Premiums: Employee Only (18+ Years Old) = $8.89 per month; OR Employee + Family = $15.89 per month

How to enroll? Beginning with Open Enrollment, employees should login to myBama and select the BenefitFocus single sign-on link to elect this new benefit.

If you elect to enroll in this benefit, you are permitted to use the Norton 360 antivirus software on personal machines only. University machines are protected with McAfee antivirus software which will not work effectively alongside Norton 360 antivirus software. 

Family Documentation Requirement: Employees who select ‘Family’ coverage with LifeLock will be required to provide the following information for covered dependents upon enrollment: 1) full name, 2) date of birth, and 3) social security number. If your dependent’s information is already on file with BenefitFocus then additional dependent documentation will not be required.

Questions? Contact LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier at 800-607-9174.

LifeLock Benefit Continuation

Yes, current LifeLock participants can continue the service by enrolling in one of several Norton LifeLock retail plans, after separation. They will receive a 35% discount.
When enrolling in one of the retail plans, employees will be asked to provide a credit/debit card, for the monthly payment. Payment information can be updated online.
Yes, the premium will be based on the retail plan chosen. Rate information will be provided by customer service when the participant contacts Norton LifeLock about porting coverage.
Coverage is cancelled as of the last day of employment. For example, if the employee is terminated on 7/1/2021; coverage will end 7/1/2021. Participants may enroll in the discounted retail coverage at any point after termination - there is no specific time window.
Norton LifeLock sends an email communication with information on continuing the benefit. If the participant has an official UA email address on file, then they may not receive this email. Therefore, it is important to provide the portability flyer linked below.
Yes, the discount code is “WB3”. The code and phone number to customer service are included on the portability flyer. If the portability flyer is shared electronically, there is a link which will take them to the enrollment site.

Additional Information