Disease Management Programs

The following disease management programs are only available to eligible employees and adult dependent(s) who are enrolled in a UA health plan (PPO or HDHP)All disease management programs are FREE and voluntary, but some may require a diagnosis of one of the chronic medical conditions outlined below.

Meet Hinge Health, a new benefit to support back, muscle and joint pain! Available Jan. 1, 2024. 

Hinge Health provides personalized care plans designed to treat muscle and joint issues from head to toe – including back, knee, pelvic pain and more. Their exercise therapy programs are designed to help you reach your health goals, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, address pelvic health issues, or find strategies to stay healthy and pain free. Whether you’re hoping to overcome nagging pain, recover from recent injuries, prepare for surgery, address pelvic health issues, or find new strategies to stay healthy and pain free, Hinge Health will assess your condition and match you to a care team to help personalize your treatment to you.

This benefit is available to employees and their eligible adult dependents (18+) at no cost – 100% covered by The University of Alabama. Plus, you can complete your customized care plan anywhere, any time.

To see how Hinge Health can help you, visit hinge.health/universityofalabama

Get your life back–and leave diabetes behind! With Virta, you can lose weight, reduce medications, and save money so you can get back to what you love.

Virta is a research-backed treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes through a combination of nutritional ketosis, medical supervision, and one-on-one health coaching. Virta helps to naturally reduce your blood sugar and A1c, eliminate diabetes medications, and lose weight by using food as medicine.

The University of Alabama fully covers the cost of Virta for eligible employees and their adult dependents with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes who are enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

Learn more about Virta’s diabetes solution at virtahealth.com/join/uas

A voluntary digital health program provided by Lark Health is available at no additional cost to you. 

Lark is an independent company that will help our members prevent or manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, prediabetes and diabetes. A prior diagnosis of at least one of these chronic condition(s) is required to join Lark. You may have received communications from Lark with information on how to get started.

Participants will receive a free wireless scale, a wireless blood sugar meter (for Diabetes Management) and/or a blood pressure monitor (for Hypertension/Blood Pressure Program). The devices are integrated with the Lark app and allow you to receive personalized coaching based on readings from your device and your current state of health, as well as coaching to help manage daily stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

Learn more about Lark Health by visiting www.lark.com/alabama, or enroll today in the voluntary digital health program online visiting enroll.lark.com/bcbsalabama

Livongo is a voluntary health coaching program that enables people living with diabetes to share blood glucose readings and other health data with Certified Diabetes Educators. Program participants will receive a free Welcome Kit which includes: 1) a smart-touch glucose meter, scale and blood pressure cuff, and (2) unlimited A1c testing supplies via mail order delivery.

Employees can enroll in the Livongo program in one of the two following ways:

  • Go to welcome.livongo.com and click “Join Now”, or
  • Call Livongo Member Support at 800-945-4355

Employees will be asked for a registration code and should specify UATUSCALOOSA.