Employee Assistance Program

Everyone has problems juggling the demands of work, family, and other obligations that combine to make life stressful. The University of Alabama has contracted with DCH Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide professionally trained counselors to give you options and resources for coping more effectively with a variety of life challenges.

Your Employee Assistance Program provides one-on-one confidential support and training. To access articles, tips, self-assessment, and skill-building tools, go to the EAP portal and enter UA as the username.

Contact Us:

Phone: 205-759-7890

Toll-free: 866-840-0750


Counseling Services 

The University of Alabama’s EAP is an employee assistance and counseling program designed to provide employees and their family members with resources for resolving work related and personal problems including:

  • Marital and Relational
  • Parent-child
  • Behavior Problem of Child
  • Substance Abuse
  • Emotional and Stress
  • Job-related
  • Personal and Household Budgeting
  • Extended Family

This program provides a free assessment, short-term counseling, and referral services. Referrals are made in consultation with you if additional mental health services are needed. The benefits provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama will be explored with you in selecting a provider.


Training and Education

Throughout the year, EAP staff members are available to conduct programs and classes on a variety of topics. To schedule a specific subject or event for your department, please contact your HR Partner in the Department of Human Resources. HR Partner listing by assigned area.

For training topics, visit the EAP portal.


On Site Crisis Intervention

In the event of a major disaster, loss of life, or crisis situation, EAP staff is available to provide on-site crisis management counseling. Please contact the Department of Human Resources at 348-6690 when a “critical incident” impacts your employees or the workplace.


Confidential Services

EAP services are confidential. Information regarding you and your counseling sessions is not released to your manager or supervisor and will not be made a part of your personnel file. Only statistical data is reported to the University that provides a composite of the employee population served.

Your right to privacy is protected within the state and federal guidelines.