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The Office of Human Resources is Moving

Effective Tuesday, July 10, 2018, the Office of Human Resources will be located in the Human Resources Administration building at 1670 Ruby Tyler Parkway.  This includes Benefits, Employee Relations, Payroll, and Talent Acquisition.

Learning & Development and Health Promotion and Wellness will be moving to the Employee Resource Center at 1515 Flint River Drive by mid-August.      

The Department of Human Resources will make every effort to fully serve customers throughout the move. Please contact the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732 or hrsvctr@ua.edu with any questions. 

For additional information http://hr.ua.edu/office-of-human-resources-relocating

HR Request Employees Self-Identify with Disability and/or Vets Status  

As part of our Affirmative Action Program, referenced in President Stuart R. Bell’s Reaffirmation of Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, and Affirmative Action Policy Statement sent out September 8, 2017, the University is required to track the number of individuals with disabilities and/or protected veterans that are employed at UA. The University invites employees who fall into one or both categories to confidentially identify themselves by completing the Voluntary Self-Identification of Individuals with Disabilities and/or Voluntary Self-Identification of Protected Veterans forms that can be found on the Employee tab under Employee Services on myBama. Employees who have previously submitted this information do not have to submit it again, unless your status has changed. Contact the HR Service Center at 348-7732 with questions.

Performance Evaluations Begin May 1

The review period for annual performance evaluations for regular staff employees is May 1-April 30.  Forms for performance evaluations are available online. Contact a University of Alabama human resources partner for additional information. View a list of HR partners.

Retirement Preparation Seminars

Is the sun rising on your RETIREMENT?  If you are a Tier 1 employee (an employee hired before January 1, 2013) within 5 years of retirement eligibility, The Retirement Systems of Alabama offers seminars to help you plan your retirement with confidence.  Be sure to schedule a TRS Retirement Preparation Seminar in 2018.  Registration is required and seminars fill up fast.  The schedule and registration form can be found online at the TRS website. 

2018 Tax Reform Changes

You may notice a change to your tax withholding and net paycheck amount beginning with your February 2018 pay.  This change is due to updated Internal Revenue Service (IRS) withholding amounts based on the approved tax reform.  The IRS is continuing to update employers on the impact of this tax reform and we will continue to monitor and update you as additional information is provided by the IRS. 

IRS links for additional information:



The University of Alabama Acts Of Kindness Employee Relief Fund is available to provide appropriate relief to eligible faculty and staff of the University of Alabama who experience a qualifying event or emergency. Applicants of the Fund must have a documented event or emergency situation that has caused a financial hardship. To begin the application process, an employee must contact the Department of Human Resources at 348-7732 or hrsvctr@ua.edu.

Find information on eligibility requirements and defining a qualifying event or emergency.