Nursing Mothers’ Rooms

The University of Alabama provides nursing mothers’ rooms to support nursing mothers returning to work or school. Each room offers a clean, secure, and private space, other than a bathroom, for women who need to express breast milk during their time on campus. All of the rooms are equipped with a table, chair, and lock from the inside. Individuals should bring with them any needed personal supplies. After using any Nursing Mothers’ Room, please scan the QR code located in each room to complete a brief survey.

Alston HallAlston Hall, Room 470 (currently under renovation)
Bruno Business LibraryRoom 0019B
Bryant Denny StadiumNorth End 806 and South End 819
Captial HallRoom 1346
Capstone College of NursingCapstone College of Nursing, Room 3084
Capstone Parking DeckRoom 116
Construction Mgmt. and Design (USC)Room 1011
Contract Admin/Furnishing & Design Bldg. (USC) Contract Admin, Room 1007
Cyber HallCyber Hall, Room 1023
Drummond Lyon HallDrummond Lyon Hall, Room 2010
Facilities Administration BuildingFacilities Administration Building, Room 119
Frank Moody MusicMoody Music Building, Room1008
Gorgas LibraryGorgas Library, Room 1004
Greek Assembly HallGreek Assembly Room 1004
H.M. Comer H.M. Comer Hall, Room 2049
Hardaway Hall Hardaway Annex, Room 206
Hewson HallHewson Hall, Room 3045
Human Resources Administration (USC)Human Resources Administration, Room 1022
Julia Tutwiler Hall Julia Tutwiler Hall 1120
Law SchoolLaw Center, Room 165
Little HallLittle Hall, Room 2002
North Lawn2015A North Lawn, Room 2015A
Northeast Medical BuildingNortheast Medical Building, Room 1000
Northport Medical ClinicRoom 106
Peter Bryce MainRoom 1012
Ruby Tyler Services Building (USC)Room 201
Russell HallRussell Hall, Room 0136
Science and Engineering Research ComplexScience and Engineering Complex, Room 1437
Smart Communities and InnovationSmart Communities and Innovation Building #1020
Stallings Center (RISE)RISE Center Room 1107
Student Services CenterRoom 207L
University HallUniversity Hall, Room 1000
University Medical Center-MainHealth Sciences Library
USC Community Safe RoomRoom 1004
University Support East (USC)University Support East Room 372

New Pregnant Employee Policy

Effective June 27, 2023, The University’s policy specifies that employees who are nursing mothers will be provided with a reasonable amount of break time to “pump” or otherwise express breastmilk for their nursing child for up to one (1) year after the child’s birth. 

  • Non-exempt, hourly paid employees who already receive paid break time(s) in the course of their regular employment may use this time to pump and will continue to be paid in the same way as other non-exempt hourly paid employees are paid for breaks. All other breaks for pumping are not paid (unless performing duties during the break). Exempt, salaried employees will continue to be paid during reasonable breaktime(s) to pump.
  • Supervisors may not define the number of break(s) or duration of time a nursing mother needs to pump at work, if the request is reasonable. It’s recommended that any nursing mother notify their supervisor in advance of returning to work of any request for reasonable break time(s) to pump or otherwise express breast milk so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Questions about the Pregnant Employee Policy requirement should be directed to your HR Business Partner.

Request to Create a Nursing Mother’s Room 

To make a request to create a space in a University building for a Nursing Mothers’ room, complete a Resource Request Form. Assignment of space for new Nursing Mothers’ Rooms is the responsibility of Space Planning and Management.  

University Resources

Pregnant Employee Policy

Parent Resource Library at the Child Development Resource Center
Parents are welcome to take lactation and breastfeeding brochures. Parents also have the opportunity to check out books specifically on breastfeeding. While at the Parent Resource Library, you can also enjoy checking out many other excellent books and videos, children’s books and music, parent-child activity kits, and age specific toy totes. Call 348-2232 for more information.

PAL: Parenting Assistance Line (1-866-962-3030)
PAL is a collaborative service of the University of Alabama Child Development Resources and the Alabama Children’s Trust Fund. When callers call the toll-free number, 1-866-962-3030, a parenting resource specialist will answer the phone, listen to you, then offer helpful information and support on may topics including lactation support and breastfeeding. Callers can also request free literature about their specific parenting concerns.

National Resources

Breastfeeding Information and Resources 
Visit this site to learn more about breastfeeding and to get how-to information and support for breastfeeding successfully.

The National Breastfeeding Hotline: 1-800-994-9662
Talk with trained breastfeeding peer counselors who can help answer common breastfeeding questions in English or Spanish.

Breastfeeding, American Academy of Pediatrics 

LaLeche League International
Information, education, support, and encouragement for women who want to breastfeed.

Consumer Affairs- Breastfeeding and Nutrition

The University is always looking for additional space to utilize for Nursing Mother’s Rooms in order to offer even more convenience and support to our employees. If you have space in your building that is 4 feet by 6 feet in dimension or larger that you would consider using as a Nursing Mothers’ Room, please contact Carolyn MacVicar, Manager of Wellness & Work-Life, at (205) 348-6153 or