UA Performance Communication System (UA PCS) will be decommissioned Jan. 30, 2023

Human Resources is excited to announce new improvements to our performance review process for staff employees. These improvements will go into effect for our current performance review cycle. We undertook this effort, in part, as a response to our University’s new strategic plan that includes a refreshed objective, “Develop robust continual performance evaluation practices for all employees, tied to job responsibilities for each employee” and also in support of HReimagined. The effort was undertaken through the contributions of an ad hoc committee comprised of representatives selected by Vice Presidents, as well as members of our Human Resources team. These representatives actively contributed to the final product.

As a result, Human Resources, in conjunction with OIT, is building a new system for performance reviews. This system will take the place of the current UA Performance Communication System (UA PCS). The UA PCS will be decommissioned as of January 30, 2023:

Go to our FAQs on the HR website for more information about the following:

  • Saving a copy of your own personal performance reviews
  • Saving a copy of your employees’ performance reviews
  • Retrieval of any journal entries

Please note that a copy of the performance reviews has already been saved to your personnel file in OnBase.

If you would like to retrieve any of the above information from UA PCS, you must do so before January 30, 2023.

We are looking forward to the new system and processes as we strive to continue to make improvements that will benefit all employees. For more information about the new system, please visit our Performance Management page. We hope you’ll help to Kickstart the Conversation!