UA Improves Annual Leave Accrual for Non-Exempt Employees

As part of the University’s commitment to improving human resources systems through its HReimagined initiative, regular, benefits eligible non-exempt employees are now able to accrue more leave earlier in their service with UA and reach the maximum accrual sooner as well.

“The enhancement to accrued annual leave for our non-exempt employees was wholeheartedly endorsed by President Stuart Bell and Vice President for Finance and Operations Matt Fajack and I am grateful to them for their leadership and support,” said Susan Norton, senior associate vice president for human resources and chief human resources officer.

The enhanced annual leave accrual will take place immediately. Detailed annual leave comparison charts are available for review below:

Annual Leave Accrual for Non-Exempt Employees (based on a 38.75 hour workweek)

Length of ServiceOld Bi-weekly Accrual Rate (2022)New Bi-weekly Accrual Rate (2023)
0 - 2 Years3.58 hours3.58 hours
3 - 5 Years3.58 hours4.17 hours
6th Year3.88 hours5.07 hours
7th Year4.17 hours5.07 hours
8th Year4.47 hours5.07 hours
9th Year4.77 hours5.07 hours
10th Year5.07 hours5.07 hours
11th Year5.07 hours5.96 hours
12th Year5.37 hours5.96 hours
13th Year5.37 hours5.96 hours
14th Year5.67 hours5.96 hours
15th Year5.67 hours5.96 hours
16th Year5.96 hours6.56 hours
17th Year5.96 hours6.56 hours
18th Year6.26 hours6.56 hours
19th Year6.26 hours6.56 hours
20+ Years6.56 hours6.56 hours

Annual Leave Accrual for Non-Exempt Employees (based on a 40.00 hour workweek)

Length of ServiceOld Bi-weekly Accrual Rate (2022)New Bi-weekly Accrual Rate (2023)
0 - 2 Years3.70 hours3.70 hours
3 - 5 Years3.70 hours4.30 hours
6th Year4.00 hours5.23 hours
7th Year4.30 hours5.23 hours
8th Year4.62 hours5.23 hours
9th Year4.92 hours5.23 hours
10th Year5.23 hours5.23 hours
11th Year5.23 hours6.15 hours
12th Year5.54 hours6.15 hours
13th Year5.54 hours6.15 hours
14th Year5.85 hours6.15 hours
15th Year5.85 hours6.15 hours
16th Year6.15 hours6.77 hours
17th Year6.15 hours6.77 hours
18th Year6.46 hours6.77 hours
19th Year6.46 hours6.77 hours
20+ Years6.77 hours6.77 hours

The new accrual schedule can also be found on p. 24 of the Employee Handbook. Regular, benefits eligible non-exempt employees with two or more years of service will see the change of accruals on their paychecks issued Jan. 27, 2023.