Important Update on Returning to Campus

Remote employees should plan campus return by Nov. 9

Based on the current campus and community transmission rate, the University has loosened many restrictions and expanded opportunities thanks to the resilience, diligence and resourcefulness of our faculty, staff, and students.


Many faculty and staff have returned to work on campus, and supervisors have been asked to develop plans to bring remaining remote employees back to campus, maintaining thorough health and safety protocols.


Plans will include evaluating and adjusting workspaces, providing safety equipment, establishing health and safety rules, and coordinating workplace schedules in accordance with the policies and directives related to health and safety outlined in the UA plan for a return to full operations.


By Monday, Nov. 9, employees who have been working remotely due to the pandemic are expected to work a minimum of two to three days a week on campus unless they have remote work agreements unrelated to the pandemic or those with approved, temporary COVID-19 accommodations. Supervisors and deans will have the option of planning on-campus/remote hybrid work schedules where appropriate.


Those with current temporary accommodations related to COVID-19 will continue to operate under those accommodations until Dec. 31. Employees who may need temporary accommodations for the remainder of 2020 may apply using the current process. If accommodations are necessary in the new year, employees should apply using the 2021 COVID-19 accommodations process, available later this month. The 2021 COVID-19 accommodations will require medical certification, so those who may need them should contact their health care providers as soon as possible to complete the medical inquiry form.


Before returning to campus, all employees are required to:


Upon returning to campus, everyone must:

  • Maintain social distancing with appropriate protective equipment.
  • Wear face coverings in enclosed offices and outdoor settings when physical distancing is not possible or when distancing is difficult.


More details and frequently asked questions are available on the HR Employee FAQ site. Medical questions, including those related to COVID-19 testing, should be directed to the COVID-19 hotline at 205-348-2819 or to the Student Health Center, University Medical Center, or a personal healthcare provider.


Faculty and staff should direct any questions their supervisors cannot answer to the HR Service Center at 205-348-7732 or