Capstone Competencies

The University of Alabama is committed to recruiting and retaining excellent staff who will contribute to the UA Mission and Vision. To support this objective, the Department of Human Resources is introducing the UA Competency Initiative. Through this initiative, critical competencies are identified for staff positions. Competencies provide clear descriptions of the behaviors necessary for individuals to achieve optimum performance.

Competencies will serve as the foundation for integrated human resource systems within UA. They will be used in all aspects of human resources management, including selection, performance evaluation, career development and succession management.

UA has identified several core competencies that are critical to its short- and long-term success. Core competencies are behaviors or values that are relevant to all staff employees and are an integral part of the UA vision and culture.

The core competencies of UA include:

  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Collaboration/Building Relationships
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Self-Development
  • Student/Customer Focused


Change is inevitable. Change requires that individuals be open to performing their roles using new work structures, processes, and requirements. To achieve individual and UA success, a willingness to seek out and adapt to change is essential.

Collaboration/Building Relationships

The University is an institution with a shared purpose, not merely a collection of individuals. Accomplishment of the University’s mission requires individuals and groups to work together. Forming partnerships supports UA objectives and allows for the effective use of information and resources.


Employees are expected to demonstrate behaviors in a way consistent with the University’s values and principles. Individuals should work hard, exhibit integrity in all dealings, honor commitments, and show respect for others at all times.

Self Development

It is the responsibility of each individual to chart a path for his/her own growth and development. Acquiring new knowledge and enhancing one’s skills or abilities allow individuals and UA to operate at optimum levels.

Student/Customer Focused

As representatives of the University, it is expected that each individual convey trust and professionalism at all times in dealings with students, colleagues, vendors, external partners, and other individuals. The ability to build and nurture these relationships and provide service excellence is of paramount importance for the achievement of the UA mission and objectives.