New Leave Management System

The Department of Human Resources is excited to announce the launch of a new, state-of-the-art leave management system (AbsenceTracker). AbsenceTracker is a cloud-based system with an intuitive employee self-service interface and a mobile-friendly platform. A leave management system is a top transformation priority of the on-going HReimagined initiative that will enhance and streamline existing HR processes and maintain campus-wide compliance.

The new system will provide employees and supervisors the tools to request leave and track time off work under the following policies: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Paid Parental Leave, Pregnancy Recovery Leave, Faculty Maternity Leave, On-the-Job Injury (OJI), as well as request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). AbsenceTracker will not replace the current systems for tracking annual and sick leave usage (e.g., UA e-Time and myBama monthly leave report).

Effective May 29, 2022, all new employee requests for leave under the above listed policies and reasonable accommodations under the ADA should be submitted in AbsenceTracker. Employees on a currently approved leave under the policies listed above will also report time off in the new system. Employees and supervisors will be able to access AbsenceTracker via single sign-on in myBama. Detailed instructions and videos are available on the HR website with additional information about this new system.

AbsenceTracker User Guides

The following instructional guides and videos are available to assist employees and supervisors to begin using the AbsenceTracker Employee Self-Service (ESS) dashboard as of May 29, 2022:

How-To TopicReference GuidesVideos
Requesting a New LeaveView Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)Watch Recording
Requesting a New AccommodationView Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)Watch Recording
Submitting an Intermittent Time Off RequestView Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)Watch Recording
Supervisor Requesting Leave for an EmployeeView Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)Watch Recording
Uploading Attachments and Case NotesView Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)Watch Recording

Additional information is provided on the HR website under the Family and Medical Leave Act page and Americans with Disabilities Act page.

Direct questions to the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732 or email

HR Requests Employees Self-Identify with Disability and/or Veteran Status

As part of our Affirmative Action Program, referenced in President Stuart R. Bell’s Reaffirmation of Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, and Affirmative Action Policy Statement, the University is required to track the number of individuals with disabilities and/or protected veterans that are employed at UA. The University invites employees who fall into one or both categories to confidentially identify themselves by completing the Voluntary Self-Identification of Individuals with Disabilities and/or Voluntary Self-Identification of Protected Veterans forms that can be found on the Employee tab under Employee Services on myBama. Employees who have previously submitted this information do not have to submit it again, unless your status has changed.

Please contact the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732 with any questions.

UA Increases Employee Minimum Wage

The University of Alabama will increase its staff minimum wage to $14 per hour effective April 3, and again to $15 an hour in January 2023. The change applies to regular benefits eligible non-exempt employees and will impact more than 350 individuals.

“This salary adjustment for our lowest paid staff employees is the first step in the HReimagined compensation improvement goal and reflects the University’s commitment to competitive wages for all of those who contribute to UA’s success,” said Susan Norton, senior associate vice president and chief human resources officer.

The Human Resources Office will send individual letters to each affected employee informing them of their increase. HR is also developing a plan to address compression adjustments for other non-exempt positions early next year. Details will be available later in the year.

HR Launches New Employee Dashboard

Check out the redesigned and user-friendly employee dashboard. This replaces most of the items previously stored under the “Employee Services” folder, including an interface for accessing employee related items such as pay stubs, leave reports, job information and much more. Learn more about the dashboard in the user guide.

Statement of Economic Interest

February 17, 2022

The State of Alabama Ethics Commission requires employees of The University of Alabama to complete an annual Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) form if they met at least one of the criteria listed below during the 2021 calendar year:

  • Persons whose base rate of pay at any time during calendar year 2021 was $81,000 or more
  • Persons whose job included purchasing or procurement authority (i.e., p-card holders)
  • Persons who served as a supervisor (UA will identify these individuals in the Banner system based on those listed as a supervisor for another employee during the 2021 calendar year.)

As required by law, the UA Office of Human Resources will be providing a list of current and previous employees who met one or more of the above criteria during the 2021 calendar year to the Ethics Commission.

In the coming weeks communication will be sent individually to those identified as meeting the requirement to inform them of their obligation to submit an SEI to the Alabama Ethics Commission. If you do not meet the above criteria, you may disregard this email.

To help individuals complete the form quickly and conveniently, the Ethics Commission provides the form and instructions on their website, While you may still choose to print a copy of the form, complete it, and return it directly to the Ethics Commission, we encourage you to take advantage of the quick and cost-effective online filing option. When filing online, you will receive a confirmation email from the Ethics Commission providing you with a code that confirms your form has been filed. Please keep this confirmation code for your reference and as your proof of having filed.

You may also access this material and frequently asked questions on the UA HR website, If completed online, the form must be completed and the confirmation code received by the state mandated deadline of April 30, 2022. If mailing directly, forms must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2022. Failure to file will result in a fine of up to $1,000 and/or a misdemeanor charge imposed by the Ethics Commission for non-compliance.

For a full description of the requirements regarding the Ethics Commission’s efforts to ensure compliance with state conflict of interest laws and proper handling of taxpayer dollars, please visit their website at

In summary, if you meet at least one of the above criteria while working for UA at some time during the 2021 calendar year, you are required to complete the Statement of Economic Interest form.

Please note: HR submits employee names of UA SEI Filers as they are documented in Banner. If the SEI Form is submitted under a different name, a mismatch will occur. Please submit the form based on your name as it appears in Banner. HR is unable to update your filing status. Any communication regarding filing or confirmation codes after you have filed should be directed to the Alabama Ethics Commission at

If you have questions or need additional information regarding this filing requirement, please contact the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732 or Thank you for your cooperation.

Susan Norton, MS, SPHR

Senior Associate Vice President &

Chief Human Resources Officer

Truth-In-Salary Statement, W-2 Available Online

The University is committed to providing its employees with a comprehensive benefits package.  The Truth in Salary Statement is a comprehensive summary of your salary and benefits for the fiscal year October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021.  State law requires this information be provided based on benefits received during the previous fiscal year. To view your statement, log in to myBama, click the Employee Tab, then click the Truth in Salary Statement link to access the online version of the statement. You will also be mailed an abbreviated printed version of the statement for your records. 

You also have access to your W-2 tax document online through myBama. Log in to myBama, click Employee tab, click Employee Dashboard, click Taxes, click W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, select tax year and then click Display. Unless you have consented to receive this document electronically, you will also receive a copy in the mail.

If you have questions about the information contained in the Truth in Salary Statement or your W-2, please contact the HR Service Center at 348-7732 or

Changes to Retiree and Departing Faculty/Staff Email Accounts

Access to email account after departure from the University

Effective Feb. 1, 2022, an update to the University’s Terms of Use for Electronic Accounts to provide enhanced security and efficient management of information technology systems and resources will require the following changes to University email accounts upon separation from the University:

Non-retirement departures

  • Faculty — For faculty voluntary separation, access to email accounts will be removed 120 days after separation. Faculty with a legitimate email access business need that may affect University operations and/or students may request continued access for a specific time period. This request must be approved in advance by the associate provost for faculty affairs or their designee.
  • Staff — For staff voluntary separation, account access will be removed the day after separation.

New Retirees (as of Feb. 1, 2022)

  • Faculty — User email account access will continue with a retiree designation placed in the extension of any outgoing messages (e.g., This change will be managed by UA, and no action is required. Faculty using an address to manage accounts as a username or login for accounts external to UA will be able to continue using it for that purpose. However, any messages sent to or from that email address will automatically change to the account. 
  • New staff retirees’ email accounts will be discontinued one day after date of retirement. Staff retirees with a legitimate email business need that may affect University operations and/or students may request — with advanced approval at the direction of Human Resources — that access be continued for a specific time period.
  • Faculty or staff retirees who remain on or return to the University payroll and have a legitimate business need affecting their participation in research, University operations or academic programs may request exclusion from the retiree footer and email alias for a specific time period. This request must be approved in advance by the associate provost for faculty affairs (or designee) for faculty or appropriate associate vice president for staff. 

Previous Retirees (prior to Feb. 1, 2022) Using University Email Accounts

  • All current faculty and staff retiree @edu email addresses currently in use will be changed to This change will be managed by UA’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), and no action is required. Retirees will continue to log in and access their email account with the account. Additionally, Microsoft multi-factor authentication continues to be required to access the account.
  • The new email address is only a change to the email address name. All of the existing emails will remain in the account, and all emails sent to the email address will continue to be delivered. All new outgoing mail from the account will be sent with the new account name.
  • Current retirees should begin using the new account as their primary UA email account beginning Feb. 1, 2022.

University Spring 2022 Operations

After a successful fall semester, The University of Alabama will resume operations on Jan. 4, with spring semester classes beginning Jan. 12. As national and local coronavirus transmission rates have increased, some updates to existing protocols are necessary and now in effect:

  1. The University Covid Support Program (CV19)remains open for consultation and guidance at 205-348-CV19.
    • Faculty, staff, and students must report positive tests to CV19 and follow instructions regarding testing, quarantine, and isolation.
    • Those who feel sick or symptomatic should call CV19 for guidance.
  2. Vaccinations and boosters remain strongly encouraged and are available at no cost at the University Medical Center (UMC) and Student Health Center (SHC).
  3. Unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear a mask indoors and in outdoor crowds.
  4. Masks are required, regardless of vaccination status, in specified locations:
    • Academic buildings, including library and classroom buildings
    • Administrative and office buildings (except when distanced)
    • Health care facilities, including UMC and SHC
    • Campus transportation
    • Other areas as officially designated by the University

Testing for sick and symptomatic individuals is available at UMC and SHC, and CV19 continues to provide advice and referrals, including the latest CDC and Alabama Department of Public Health guidance regarding quarantine and isolation protocols. Limited dedicated space remains on campus for those not able to return home or quarantine/isolate in place. 

College of Community Health Sciences Dean Dr. Ricky Friend continues to emphasize the effectiveness and importance of interventions like vaccinations, boosters, and wearing well-fitting masks in all public locations. The Situational Response Team will monitor conditions on campus and in the community and recommend any necessary changes.

Additional details, including information for those who are vulnerable or at risk, will be added to updated as conditions change.

Paid Parental Leave Announcement

The Paid Parental Leave Policy supports the University’s work-life balance efforts and will be effective Jan. 1, 2022. The new leave will provide eligible employees up to four work weeks (20 days/160 hours maximum) of paid leave time for recovery from childbirth and/or to bond with their newborn child, adopted child, or a child placed for adoption or foster care.

The University will provide a one-time temporary, transitional period for certain employees who are currently on an approved leave as of Jan. 1, 2022 (i.e., Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), Pregnancy Recovery Leave (PRL), Faculty Maternity Leave). The amount of Paid Parental Leave hours will be prorated based on the leave entitlement remaining per employee:

  • For example, an employee who delivered a child on Oct. 11, 2021, is on approved FMLA for 10 weeks prior to the winter holiday break (Dec. 23, 2021 – Jan. 3, 2022) with 2 weeks of FMLA entitlement remaining after Jan. 1, 2022; therefore, this employee will be eligible for 2 weeks (10 days/80 hours maximum) of parental leave beginning Jan. 1, 2022.
  • For example, an employee who delivered a child on Dec. 2, 2021, is on approved FMLA for 3 weeks prior to the winter holiday break (Dec. 23, 2021 – Jan. 3, 2022) with 9 weeks of FMLA entitlement remaining after Jan. 1, 2022; therefore, this employee will be eligible for 4 weeks (20 days/160 hours maximum) of parental leave beginning Jan. 1, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all employees eligible to receive parental leave? The policy applies to all benefits-eligible, regular, full-time and part-time faculty and staff employees.

2. Are new employees who recently started working for the University eligible to receive parental leave? Yes, as long as the qualifying event (i.e., birth, adoption or foster care placement) occurs on or after the policy effective date of Jan. 1, 2022.

3. Is an application required to request parental leave? Yes, employees must submit the Paid Parental Leave Request Form before parental leave hours will be approved.

4. Will parental leave hours run concurrently with other leave policies? Yes, parental leave hours will run concurrently with unpaid FMLA (up to a maximum of 12 weeks) and/or unpaid PRL (up to a maximum of 8 weeks), if applicable and approved. For eligible faculty only, parental leave hours may be taken at any time during the faculty member’s regular appointment.

5. Do I have to use parental leave hours on a continuous/consecutive basis? Yes, parental leave hours must be used on a continuous/consecutive basis subject to a minimum of one-week increments. No intermittent hours/days or reduced schedule requests will be permitted. 

6. Is an employee eligible to use parental leave more than once? Yes, parental leave may be used more than once, but not within the same 12-month period. Parental leave follows the same 12-month, rolling backward period as FMLA. For example, an employee delivers a child on March 1, 2022, and uses 4 weeks of parental leave. If the same employee delivers another child on or after March 1, 2023, the employee will be eligible for an additional 4 weeks of parental leave.

7. How long after birth, adoption, or foster care placement may an employee request parental leave? For qualifying events on or after Jan. 1, 2022, an employee has 12 months from the date of the event to request and use parental leave. 

8. What are the documentation requirements to verify birth, adoption, or foster care placement? The same documentation requirements apply as for FMLA, PRL, Faculty Maternity Leave, etc. Employees must provide the HR Leave Administrator with birth certificate, court documents, etc.

9. Do employees have a choice to use parental leave, or is it mandatory to use parental leave hours if eligible? Employees will continue to have a choice to use all paid leave(s) (i.e., annual leave, sick leave, compensatory time and/or parental leave). Each employee must indicate an order of preference to use paid leave hours when requesting time off work for a qualifying reason.

  • NOTE: For employees enrolled in a short-term disability (STD) plan, parental leave hours function like sick leave hours and can be used only during the applicable STD benefit waiting period (i.e., 14- or 29-days), but not while an employee is actively receiving weekly STD payments.

10. If both parents work at UA, are they subject to a combined 4 weeks of parental leave? No, each UA employee is eligible for up to four weeks (20 days/160 hours maximum) of parental leave. Combined entitlement limitations for other leave policies such as FMLA will continue to apply.

UA Employee Vaccine Requirement Suspended

To comply with multiple federal mandates, UA implemented an employee COVID-19 vaccination requirement on Oct. 22. Specifically, President Biden’s Executive Order 14042 mandates that employees of federal contractors are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated vaccination of employees of health care facilities.

Federal courts have now put the vaccine requirement on hold for further consideration. Today, a federal court issued a nationwide order to suspend the vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors. This follows a Nov. 30 federal court order to suspend the CMS vaccine mandate for health care workers.

As a result, UA’s vaccine requirement is suspended. At this time, UA will not be required to take action regarding unvaccinated employees on Jan. 4, 2022.

Because the ultimate outcome of legal challenges is not decided, we will continue to closely monitor legal developments and provide guidance to employees.

If the injunctions are lifted by the courts, UA must be ready to comply with federal requirements. If you are an employee (including student employees) who does not already have a COVID-19 vaccine record or an approved vaccine exemption on file with UA, please consider taking the following steps as a voluntary measure:  

Taking these voluntary steps now will help ensure (1) medical, disability or religious exemption requests are processed in a timely manner, and (2) UA can achieve compliance if the injunctions are lifted. It also provides UA’s health and safety leadership important data to guide future decisions about on-campus safety strategies.

We remain encouraged by the high vaccination rates previously voluntarily reported by faculty, staff and students, and continue to urge others to take advantage of the free vaccines. The protection afforded by the vaccine has been essential in keeping positive case numbers low.

Elect to Receive W2 Electronically

You can elect to receive your W2 electronically through myBama Self Service. Consenting to receiving your electronic W2 is quick and easy. The benefits of receiving an electronic W-2 are:

o Secure—protected by myBama login credentials
o Efficient—avoid possible delays and errors that can occur with traditional postal delivery
o Timely—online form available earlier than paper form
o Accessible—view W-2 information anytime, anywhere via myBama
o Resourceful—conserves natural resources and UA assets!

Instructions on electing to receive an Electronic W2 can be found here. 

Healthcare Premium Deduction Changes

Medical, dental and vision premiums are currently collected one-month-in-advance. For example, premiums collected for medical insurance on your November check(s) pays for coverage in December. Effective Jan. 1, 2022, premiums will be collected in the current month for January coverage and continue for all subsequent months with the following impact:

  • All benefit-eligible employees who paid medical, dental or vision premiums via payroll deduction in November (which pays for December coverage) will have NO medical, dental or vision deductions on their December check(s). All deductions will resume in January 2022 to pay for the current month’s medical, dental, and/or vision coverage.
  • This premium deduction change will also impact when coverage ends in the event of termination of employment. Effective on or after Jan. 1, all medical, dental and vision coverage(s) will end the last day of the month of termination with the option to enroll in COBRA continuation coverage effective the 1st of the month following termination. For example, employee terminates on Jan. 25, 2022 will have medical, dental and/or vision coverage end on Jan. 31 with COBRA eligibility beginning Feb. 1.

In addition, the deduction schedules for all bi-weekly, non-exempt employee benefits will change:

  • Currently, there are 26 bi-weekly pay periods each year with medical premiums collected each pay period (i.e., 26 deductions per year), dental premiums collected on the 1st paycheck each month (i.e., 12 deductions per year), and vision premiums collected on the 2nd paycheck each month (i.e., 12 deductions per year), etc.
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2022, ALL bi-weekly benefit premiums will be deducted over 24 pay periods (i.e., only 1st and 2nd paycheck each month). This will standardize payroll deduction amounts for all benefits, making it easier for bi-weekly employees to understand and budget for recurring expenses.