PageUp System Training

The videos and user guides below are meant to be used as a resource for hiring managers in conjunction with the PageUp People Staff Recruitment System. If you have specific questions that are not answered in the resource materials below, please contact your Recruiter.


Getting Started with the PageUp Recruitment System Check the Status of a Position  Description, Requisition or an Offer
Guide for Approvers Reviewing EEO Data By Requisition
What’s New or Changed with Position Descriptions Managing and Reviewing Applicants
 Getting Started with Position Descriptions How to Review Applicants as a committee member
 Position Descriptions Template  Creating and Inviting Applicants to an Interview Event
 Creating Position Descriptions and Library View  Creating an Offer
 Creating a New Position Description  Managing the Onboarding Process
 Editing an Existing Position Description  Find your HR Recruiter
 Creating a Requisition from an Approved Position Description