Out-of-State Employment Request Process

To ensure compliance with applicable laws, the out-of-state employment request process applies to all employees (faculty, staff and students) requesting to work for The University of Alabama from an out-of-state work location. Any employee approved to work outside of Alabama will be subject to the laws and regulations of other states with respect to the employer/employee relationship. This includes states/territories that may have different overtime laws, workers’ compensation, and other laws that govern employment. Therefore, any employee who is approved for an out-of-state work location will be expected to comply with the laws of the state in which the employee is working.

I. Out-of-State Work Location Request Form

All employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor before performing work from an out-of-state work location, and supervisors must then notify their Vice President and Human Resources so that this arrangement can be vetted and approved to move forward.

For current employees, supervisors must submit the Out-of-State Work Location Request Form in DocuSign in advance. This form must be signed by the supervisor, Dean or Assistant/Associate Vice President, and the Vice President or Designee for their college or division. The request will be reviewed by a committee including representatives from the Department of Human Resources, Office of Counsel, Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Risk Management, and Tax Office. All committee reviewers must approve the out-of-state work location for the arrangement to move forward. Opening the DocuSign request form link will generate a blank envelope, so please review the sample form for employees prior to initiating a request.

For applicants, the assigned recruiter or HR Business Partner, in coordination with the hiring manager, will provide the necessary information to the same committee of reviewers as described above. All committee reviewers must approve the out-of-state work location for the arrangement to move forward. A sample form for applicants is available to review.

II. Next Steps after Approval

Step 1 – Complete Affidavit of Residency

Once an out-of-state work location has been approved, then all employees must complete the Affidavit of Residency for income tax purposes and mail the signed, notarized original to the Payroll Office. Direct questions about the Affidavit of Residency to Misty Baker or Beverly Nickerson

Step 2 – Complete Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement

All staff employees approved to work remotely from an out-of-state work location are also subject to the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy and must submit the corresponding Flexible Work Arrangement Request Form. A completed copy of the approved Out-of-State Work Location DocuSign form must be attached to this request. Additional information about Flexible Work Arrangements is available on the HR website. Direct questions about this policy or process to the employee’s assigned HR Business Partner.

Step 3 – Update Local Mailing Address

All employees approved to work remotely from an out-of-state work location should ensure their local mailing address is accurate. The local mailing address is used to send official University mailings and correspondence, so it’s important to keep it updated in myBama. Along with official correspondence needs, an employee’s listed state of residence may also impact individual payroll taxes, employee benefits and more. All employees are encouraged to review and update local mailing address information in myBama Employee Self-Service. Direct questions to the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732 or email hr@ua.edu.

Important Links and Resources

DocuSign Note: Opening the DocuSign link below will generate a blank envelope. Please review sample forms provided prior to initiating a request.