Bama Perks

Welcome to Bama Perks, your UA discount program! Bama Perks is a program designed to inform the UA community about local businesses offering discounts.

Browse the links below for your favorite businesses. If you don’t see them on the list, invite them to participate! Click here for the policy and application. To get your discount, most vendors will want to see your ACT card; others may want you to provide a discount code. The instructions for redeeming your discount are listed with each vendor.

This website will be updated as additional vendors enroll in the program.                                                                        

Automotive Services

Childcare Services                                

Communication Services

Education and Entertainment




Home Services



Miscellaneous Services 





UA may discontinue the Discount Program at any time, prohibit a vendor from participating in the program,  discontinue a vendor’s participation or the vendor’s ability to offer a particular product or service, or discontinue participation without advance notice. A vendor’s participation in the Discount Program shall not constitute an endorsement by UA of the vendor or the products or services offered by the vendor.

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