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This career ladder provides career enhancement opportunities for employees in designated office support jobs, currently titled Office Associate I, Office Associate II and Office Associate Senior, which are based on increasing levels of experience, training and enhanced levels of duties and responsibilities assigned by the supervisor.

Employees in full-time and part-time regular Office Associate I and Office Associate II jobs that the supervisor has approved to be part of the Job Family Program may be eligible for promotion. The supervisor will determine if higher level duties and responsibilities can be assigned to a job and if the employee has successfully completed the requirements for promotion.

Once all requirements have been met for a promotion to a higher level in the career ladder as outlined in the Qualifications section of these guidelines, the supervisor will:

  • Submit a request for reclassification of the employee’s current position description detailing the additional higher level duties and responsibilities via our Online Recruitment and Employee Management system.
  • Complete the Request for Promotion form (here)
  • Attach a copy of the signed Request for Promotion form and a copy of the employee’s training history to the Supplement Document tab in the position description module of the system or send these documents via intra-campus mail to Box 870126.

Human Resources will review the request for reclassification and request for promotion to ensure that the requirements for promotion have been met. The effective date of a reclassification will be the beginning of the pay period following the reclassification date. Employees will receive a pay increase based on the current Compensation Policy regarding promotions available on the HR website.

Vacancies created by an Office Associate Senior will be recruited as an Office Associate II, allowing for a promotional opportunity for the new employee, once they have met the requirements. Rate increases are not recommended for lateral transfers.

The functions listed below are illustrative of work performed for positions assigned to this family. It is not required that employees assigned to this family perform all of these duties only that they perform a substantial number. The levels within the job family are distinguished by an increasing level of complexity in the work, as well as an increasing level of autonomy by the employee. It is expected that employees assigned to the senior level of this family be able to perform any of the listed functions under limited supervision. This listing is not meant to be all inclusive, just illustrative of typical functions.

  • Acts as office receptionist; receives, screens, and routes visitors and telephone calls; gives and gathers information orally which calls for reference to a variety of sources and wide knowledge of policies and procedures.
  • Receives, sorts according to content, and distributes mail, making final decision as to which letters can be answered independently; organizes correspondence requiring attention of supervisor; composes correspondence, with direction and review from supervisor, requiring judgment, originality and tact, may compose form letters; may sign supervisor’s name to correspondence, requisitions and similar papers of routine nature, as directed.
  • Under general guidelines, may set up, supervise and/or maintain files and records of a complex nature.
  • Assists the supervisor by assuming a variety of administrative details, such as arranging itineraries, agendas or making telephone contacts. May maintain supervisor’s appointment calendar, using independent judgment as to priority.
  • Makes arrangements for meetings and conferences under general direction; may compile background material for supervisor.
  • Assumes responsibility for maintaining necessary inventory of office supplies, materials, and maintenance or equipment.
  • Types complex and/or technical material including charts, graphs and tables from rough draft into finished form, which may or may not be reviewed. May type technical reports, manuscripts, contract or grant proposals, etc.
  • Operates standard office equipment, such as, personal computers, calculators, copiers, fax machines, etc.
  • Under general supervision, assists supervisor in the compilation and coordination of data for reports for higher administrative levels, utilizing some degree of research and statistical ability, and prepares the data in narrative or statistical form subject to review by supervisor. May perform searching in files and records to compile information for reports.
  • Assists with registration, class scheduling, room scheduling, drop‑add, typing examinations, etc.
  • Supervises and/or directs the work of other administrative support employees and/or student workers. Maintains records of time worked, vacation and sick leave. Schedules support staff and/or student workers.
  • Takes and transcribes dictation into finished form.
  • Maintains records for budget account(s) to assure a current status of funds at anytime.
  • Prepares standard administrative or program reports. Prepares or supervises the preparation of Personnel Action, budget, purchasing and other administrative forms, as needed.
  • Maintains daily liaison with Staff Offices such as Budget Control, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, and Contracts and Grants, to answer questions, provide additional information, etc.
  • Provides assistance on special projects or programs that require special budget accounts and/or the hiring of temporary employees to complete projects.
  • Provides advisory assistance to project directors and/or coordinators in The University of Alabama Administrative procedures and forms, prior practices, working relationships with public and/or private organizations. Provides assistance in preparing special and regular reports.
  • Designs and lays out newsletters, posters, brochures, etc., using specialized computer software.
  • Inputs data into existing spreadsheets. Sets up new spreadsheets to include formulas, calculations.
  • Inputs data into existing databases. Designs and sets up new databases. Creates and runs queries and reports.
  • Maintains petty cash fund.


Office Associate I (grade 52) Qualifications:

  1. High school diploma or the equivalent.
  2. Requires one year of general office experience or an associate’s degree or higher.
  3. Requires basic understanding of personal computers and other basic office equipment.
  4. Good organizational, communication and public relations skills are required

Office Associate II (grade 53) Qualifications:

  1. Supervisory determination of participation in the program.
  2. Assignment of higher level duties and responsibilities by the supervisor.
  3. Satisfactory job performance.
  4. High school diploma or the equivalent.
  5. Minimum of two (2) years of general office experience OR an associate’s degree or higher.
  6. Requires basic knowledge in the usage of personal computers and standard application software (word processing, spread sheet and/or data base management programs).
  7. Good organizational, communication and public relations skills.

Office Associate Senior (grade 54) Qualifications:

  1. Supervisory determination of participation in the program.
  2. Assignment of higher level duties and responsibilities by the supervisor.
  3. Satisfactory job performance.
  4. High school diploma or the equivalent.
  5. Requires a minimum of two (2) years of experience as an Office Associate II at the UA to include at least six months as an Office Associate II in the promoting department.
  6. Requires completion of the UA provided Professional Development Series that includes the following topics:
    • Quality Service and Professional Image
    • Effective Communication Techniques and Skills
    • Legal Issues and Workplace Safety
    • Business and Technology
    • Teamwork and Partnership
  7. Requires completion of two (2) Online Advanced/Intermediate Level courses in two (2) of the following software applications or approved substitute.
    Note: Courses are approved through HR Learning and Development.  Contact 348-9700 or to discuss approved courses, schedule time to complete required software training or request a training accommodation.
    • Advanced/Intermediate MS Word
    • Advanced/Intermediate MS Excel
    • Advanced/Intermediate MS Access
    • Advanced/Intermediate MS Outlook
    • Advanced/Intermediate MS Powerpoint
    • Advanced/Intermediate Web Topics
    • Desktop Publishing
    • or Approved Substitute of another job- related software course

8. Two (2) Specific Job Related Training Courses (Supervisor/Employee will recommend two courses specific to the job).

9. Good organizational, communication, and public relations skills.

Link to the Request for Promotion Form

Revised February, 2019