HR Policy Manual

I. General Definitions and Policies

II. Employment Policies

III.  Human Resource Learning & Development Policies

IV. Employee Counseling and Progressive Discipline Policies

V. Performance Appraisal Policies

VI. Compensation and Classification Policies

VII. Benefits Programs and Policies

VIII. Tobacco Policies

IX. Equal Employment Opportunity Programs

X. Links to Other University Policies


I. General Definitions and Policies (top)

111.00 Campus Violence Policy 

NOTE: Effective February 1, 2014. The “Campus Violence Policy” policy was replaced with “Behavioral Threat Assessment Guidelines” that can be found online at

112.00 Personnel File Policy

113.00 Employee Visitors Policy

115.00 Electronic Media Policy

116.00 Patents and Copyrights Policy

117.00 Indebtedness and Collection Policy

119.00 Professional Appearance Policy

120.00 Attendance Policy

123.00 Solicitation Policy

124.00 Employee Service Dates Policy

130.00 Consensual Romantic Relationships

II. Employment Policies (top)

201.00 Background Investigation Policy

       Disclosure of Criminal Convictions Form

       Background Investigation Packages and Pricing

202.00 Nepotism Policy

205.00 Workforce Reorganization Policy

206.00 Pre-Employment Drug Screening – Division of Financial Affairs

207.00 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy – Division of Financial Affairs

        Supervisor Procedures and Checklist for Drug and Alcohol Testing

208.00 Mandatory Emergency Contact Information Policy – Division of Financial Affairs

Student Employment Policy

212.00 Re-Employment of Retirees

214.00 Staff Employees in Exempt Positions – Division of Financial Affairs 

Pay Transparency Policy 

III. Human Resource Learning & Development Policies (top)

 IV. Employee Counseling and Progressive Discipline Policies (top) 

400.00 Employee Counseling and Progressive Discipline Policy

401.00 Staff Dispute Resolution Policy

V. Performance Appraisal Policies (top) 

VI. Compensation and Classification Policies (top)

Compensable Time Policy 

601.00 Compensation for Non-Exempt Employees Who Work During Times Normal University Business Operations Are Suspended (Revised 12/13/2012)

Compensation for Additional Degrees and Certifications Policy

605.00 Staff Supplemental Compensation Policy 

VII. Benefits Programs and Policies (top)

701.00 Family and Medical Leave Policy

702.00 Educational Benefit Policy

703.00 Military Leave Policy

704.00 On-The-Job Injury and Illness Policy

705.00 Medical Coverage Options upon Termination from Employment 

Reasonable Accommodations Policy

VIII. Links to University Tobacco Policies

The College of Community Health Sciences Tobacco Free Policy 

The College of Communication and Information Sciences 

University Recreation Center Tobacco Free Policy 

Smoke-Free Campus Environment Policy

IX. Links to University Office for Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (top)

University Equal Opportunity Policies

University Policy on Harassment

X. Links to Other University Policies  (top)

The University of Alabama Child Protection Policy 

The University of Alabama Policy on Policy Development and Management

The University of Alabama Pay Transparency Policy 

The University of Alabama’s policy webpage

Finance and Operations policy webpage

Code of Ethical Conduct 

Drug Free Campus and Workplace Policy

Motor Vehicle Operations Policy