What is Form 1095-c

Just like a W-2, employees will receive the Form 1095-C and will need it to complete their taxes.  Do not throw it away.  Some households will receive multiple Forms 1095-C if they were covered under different plans or changed plans during the year.  Employees will receive Form 1095-C in the mail by early February 2019.


Q. What is Form 1095-C?

A: Form 1095-C is a new form designed by the IRS to collect information about applicable large employers and the group health coverage, if any, they offer to their employees. Employers will provide Form 1095-C (employee statement) to employees and file copies, along with Form 1094-C (transmittal form), to the IRS.


Q. What is the purpose of the form?

A. The IRS will use the information to determine whether employees are subject to the new shared responsibility penalty for not having health coverage or are eligible for premium tax credits on insurance purchased through the health insurance marketplace. The information will also allow the IRS to determine if an employer is liable for a shared responsibility penalty.


Q. Who will receive Form 1095-C?

A.  All employees who were considered a full-time employee, per Affordable Care Act standards, for any one month of the calendar year, regardless of whether they participated in the UA group health plan, will receive a form 1095-C. Additionally, all non-full-time employees who are enrolled in the UA health plan will also receive a 1095-C. UA will mail Form 1095-C to the employee’s last known mailing address provided to UA.  Not all employees will receive a Form 1095-C.


Q. What do employees do with Form 1095-C?

A. Employees will use the information supplied on Form 1095-C to complete their tax returns.  Do not throw it away.


Q. What information is on Form 1095-C?

A. Form 1095-C is comprised of three parts:

  • Part I: Identifying information about the employee and the employer.
  • Part II: Information about the employer’s offer of group health coverage.
  • Part III: Information about the employer’s self-funded health coverage (if any), including names and Social Security numbers of the employee and his or her covered dependents.


Q. Who is included on Form 1095-C?

A. Form 1095-C includes the eligible employee as well as all dependents who were enrolled in a health plan during 2015.


Q: Will my dependents also receive a copy of the Form 1095-C?

A: Only the employee will receive a copy of the Form 1095-C from UA.  However, dependents on your health plan who file their own taxes will need a copy to complete their 2015 taxes.  You may provide a Xerox copy of your form to your dependents; an official reprint is not necessary.


Q. Will employees receive a separate Form 1095-C for each health plan they are enrolled in?

A. If employees or their family members are enrolled in more than one Qualified Health Plan, through the health insurance marketplace or another employer, they will receive a separate Form 1095-A or 1095-C for each policy.


Q. When will the Form 1095-C be available?

A. All Forms 1095-C will be postmarked by February 1, 2019.  UA will print and mail Form 1095-Cs for coverage year 2018 to the last known mailing address provided to UA.


Q. What if an employee needs help understanding Form 1095-C?

A. For more information about how healthcare coverage will affect their taxes, employees should visit HealthCare.gov/taxes or www.IRS.gov/aca or contact a tax professional.  If employees have additional questions, they can call the UA HR Service Center at 205-348-7732 or email hrsvctr@ua.edu.


Q. What if an employee did not receive Form 1095-C from UA?

A. Not all employees will receive a Form 1095-C.  Only those employees who were considered, by Affordable Care Act standards, to be full-time employed for any one month out of the year will receive the Form 1095-C.  If an employee believes he or she met these standards but still did not receive a Form, they should verify the mailing address on file with UA and then visit the HR Service Center for a reprint.  The HR Service Center is located in the 2100 suite of Capital Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.  Proper identification is required for a reprint.


Q. What if an employee loses Form 1095-C, how would the employee get another copy?

A. Another copy can be obtained by visiting the HR Service Center is located in the 2100 suite of Capital Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.  Proper identification is required for a reprint.


Q: What if I have opted for electronic delivery of my W-2, will my 1095-C be delivered electronically, too?

A: No.  This, year all 1095-C forms will be mailed as paper forms to the local mailing address UA has on file.  Any future option for electronic delivery of the Form 1095-C will be announced campus-wide.