Investment Fund Scorecard

You can view a PDF version of the Investment Fund Scorecard. To access an Excel version of the Scorecard, please contact the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732.

Investment Fund Scorecard FAQs

1. Why do we have the Investment Fund Scorecard?

The University of Alabama has both 403b and 457b plans available to employees. Both plans allow employees to contribute through TIAA and VALIC.

Our 403b and 457b plans make more than 80 funds available to employees. In order for plan participants to determine the funds that are best for their unique situation, both VALIC and TIAA  have professional financial advisors available to provide free investment advice.

If you decide to select the funds yourself, you may want to see how the funds have performed in the past. That’s where the Investment Fund Scorecard comes in. It will also show the performance of our funds compared with other funds.

2. What is the Investment Fund Scorecard?

The University’s 403b and 457b plans allow contributions through both TIAA  and VALIC. Each company makes dozens of investment funds available to plan participants. The same funds are available in both plans.

The Investment Fund Scorecard is a spreadsheet designed to show the performance of the investment funds available in our 403b and 457b plans. It displays the performance of these funds over various periods of time including: Year-to-Date, 12 Months, 3 Years, 5 Years and 10 Years. It allows you to compare each of our funds with the other funds available in our plans. The sheet also shows the Morningstar Ratings for our funds – which allows you to see how Morningstar rates our funds, compared with other similar funds.

Please be sure to read the information in the “Definitions” tab of the spreadsheet for important information and explanations about the data on the spreadsheet. If you have any questions about the Scorecard, contact the HR Service Center at 348-7732.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded and sorted based on your specifications. It is updated quarterly and the effective date of the Scorecard will always be listed at the top.

Remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future success. Fund values tend to fluctuate. Participants can lose money by investing in these funds.

3. What if there is something else I would like to see on the Scorecard?

You can suggest improvements to the Scorecard by calling the HR Service Center at 348-7732.

4. What if I have other questions about the Investment Fund Scorecard?

Please contact the HR Service Center at 348-7732.

5. How can I contact a Retirement Savings Plan Advisor?

TIAA          800-842-2252

        Kevin Porter                      800-732-8383

VALIC                  800-448-2542

Paige Lombardy       205-967-8974

Corbin Ellard          205-967-8974

6. What if I’m ready to use the Scorecard?

You can go directly to the Scorecard. To access an Excel version of the Scorecard, please contact the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732.