Dental Plan

The University’s dental plan is offered through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Participants have the freedom to seek care from any licensed dentist, but they will have lower out-of-pocket costs if an in network Blue Cross and Blue Shield Preferred Dentist is used. An in-network Preferred Dentist is a general dentist or specialist who has agreed to accept negotiated fees as payment in-full for services provided to plan participants.

A list of in-network Preferred Dentists is available online at or by calling 1-800-292-8868. Participants who receive services from an in-network Preferred Dentist are only responsible for the difference between the Preferred Dental Fee Schedule and the plan’s payment which is based on the dental network fee schedule or the allowed amount. However, those who choose dentists out-of-network, may experience significantly higher out-of-pocket expenses since they will incur balance billing and will be responsible for paying any difference between their dentists’ fees and the plan’s payment.

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Group Dental Plan
General Provisions
Diagnostics & Preventative (Exams & Cleanings)
Restorative (Fillings & Root Canals)
Supplemental (Oral Surgery & Anesthesia)
Periodontic (Gum Disease)
Prosthetic (Crowns & Dentures)
Orthodontic (Braces)

General Provisions

Deductible  $50 deductible per member per calendar year; $150 aggregate family  maximum.

Annual Dental Maximum  Combined in and out-of-network maximum of $1,000 per member each calendar year. Additional $500 benefit available if services are received in-network.

Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum  $1,000 lifetime maximum per person.

Waiting Period  12 month waiting period for new entrants into the plan for Restorative (except fillings and simple extractions), Supplemental, Periodontic, Prosthetic and Orthodontic services. The waiting period will be waived for those new entrants with proof of prior coverage and no more than a 63 day break in that coverage.

Diagnostics & Preventative (Exams & Cleanings)

Covered at 100% of the allowed amount, no deductible. Includes:

  • Dental exams up to twice per benefit period.
  • Full mouth x-rays, one set during any 36 consecutive months.
  • Bitewing x-rays, one set per benefit period.
  • Other dental x-rays, used to diagnose a specific condition.
  • Routine cleanings, twice per benefit period.
  • Tooth sealants on teeth numbers 3, 14, 19, and 30, limited to one application per tooth each 48 months.
    • Benefits are limited to a maximum payment of $20 per tooth. Limited to the first permanent molars of children through age 13.
  • Fluoride treatment for children under age 19 twice per benefit period.
  • Space maintainers (not made of precious metals) that replace prematurely lost teeth for children under age 17.
Restorative (Fillings & Root Canals)

Covered at 80% of the allowed amount, subject to the deductible. Includes:

  • Fillings made of silver amalgam and synthetic tooth color materials on teeth numbers 5-12 and 21-28.
  • Simple tooth extractions.
  • Direct pulp capping, removal of pulp and root canal treatment.
  • Repairs to removable dentures.
  • Emergency treatment for pain.
Supplemental (Oral Surgery & Anesthesia)

Covered at 80% of the allowed amount, subject to the deductible. Includes:

  • Oral surgery for tooth extractions and impacted teeth.
  • General anesthesia given for oral or dental surgery. This means drugs injected, inhaled for relaxation, to lessen pain, or to make unconscious, but not analgesics, drugs given by local infiltration, or nitrous oxide.
  • Treatment of the root tip of the tooth including its removal.
Periodontic (Gum Disease)

Covered at 80% of the allowed amount, subject to the deductible. Includes:

  • Periodontic exams twice each 12 months.
  • Removal of diseased gum tissue and reconstructing gums.
  • Removal of diseased bone.
  • Reconstruction of gums and mucous membranes by surgery.
  • Removing plaque and calculus below the gum line for periodontal disease per quadrant every two years .
  • Periodontal surgery once per quadrant, every three years.
Prosthetic (Crowns & Dentures)

Covered at 50% of the allowed amount, subject to the deductible. Includes:

  • Full or partial dentures.
  • Fixed or removable bridges.
  • Inlays, onlays, or crowns to restore diseased or accidentally broken teeth, if less expensive fillings are not adequate.
Orthodontic (Braces)

Covered at 50%, no deductible.

  • Limited to a lifetime maximum of $1,000.
  • For dependent children up to the end of the month of their 19th birthday.