Instructions for the Six-Month Introductory Period Review 

The introductory period provides an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their ability and probability of successful performance. Either the supervisor or the employee may terminate this relationship with or without notice during the introductory period.

Staff employees hired into regular positions must serve an introductory period and should have a review completed. The introductory period is served only once for each continuous period of employment except under the following circumstances:

(1)   If, during an employee’s introductory period, the employee is promoted or transferred to another position, a new (6) six-month introductory period should begin with the effective date of the promotion transfer.

(2)   If an employee changes from a temporary status to  a regular status, a new  introductory period begins with the effective date of appointment to  the regular position.

(3)   If a non-exempt employee is promoted into an exempt position, a new introductory period must be served beginning with the effective date of appointment to the exempt position.

The six-month Introductory Review Form should be used to review the employee’s job performance prior to the end date of his/her introductory period. This will provide insight to the employee on performance progress and/or concerns by the supervisor.

It is recommended that the supervisor provide feedback and counseling throughout  the introductory period, particularly if problems are observed that could result in an unsatisfactory employment relationship. Such interaction assists both the employee and the supervisor in determining whether or not the working relationship should continue.

Extension of Introductory Period:  In special circumstances, such as with a change in supervisor or job duties  during the Introductory Period, a one-time extension for up to 90 days may be granted after consultation with your HR Partner who can then provide you with the Extended Introductory Period Form.

Termination During the Introductory Period:   It is recommended that an employee be terminated at the point during the introductory period at which the supervisor determines the employee should no longer be retained in the position. Contact the HR Partner assigned to your area for further instructions if this becomes necessary. 

Once the Introductory Period Review form has been completed, discussed with the employee and all signatures obtained, please send the original form (and the Extended Introductory Period form, if applicable) to the Department of Human Resources, Box 870126. 

Please contact the assigned HR Partner to discuss any performance issues or with additional questions about this process. Find your HR Partner.

To access the Introductory Period Review Form click one of the links below.

Introductory Period Review Form (Adobe PDF)

Rev. 2/2014