The Department of Human Resources Is Moving

The Department of Human Resources is temporarily relocating to Capital Hall at 270 Kilgore Lane.  Human Resources Learning & Development, Employee Relations, Recruitment, and Compensation and Classification are currently located at Capital Hall. The HR Service Center, Benefits Office, Payroll Services, and Healthcare Insurance Administration will be relocated to Capital Hall effective Monday, September 18.   

All training scheduled through HR Learning and Development will be held at Capital Hall, unless otherwise indicated. Other than location, contact information for Human Resources staff will remain the same.

View a map to our temporary location.

We will be making efforts to fully serve our customers throughout the move. 

Other than location, contact information for all Human Resources Staff will remain the same.


Moving to Capital Hall On Monday, September 18:

The Associate Vice-President of Human Resources

HR Partners

The Office of Recruitment 

HR Learning and Development

The HR Benefits Office

The HR Service Center

Payroll Services

The Office of Healthcare Insurance Administration


Thank you in advance for your patience with us as we move.


Please do not hesitate to call us (205) 348-7732, or email us,,

with your questions.