When are the required courses due, and when do overdue notices go out?

All faculty, staff, and student employees must complete mandated compliance training on an annual basis. In 2015, the due dates for the Hazard Communication Update is as follows:

Employees in Academic Affairs April 30
Employees in all other divisions June 30
New employees in all areas 30 days from date of assignment

Harassment training is due 12 months from the last time the training was completed.

Due dates vary for any additional training assigned based on employment status, work environment, or course enrollment.

Training Academy-generated overdue notices are sent each night to users who had assignments become overdue on the previous day and then are sent every 30 days along as there is an overdue assignment. The email notices list overdue courses and due dates and include instructions for accessing the Training Academy system. Training notices are sent to official UA email addresses ending in @bama.ua.edu (faculty and staff) or @crimson.ua.edu (students). If you are not getting Training Academy notices, be sure your inbox is ready to receive them.

HR Partners receive and share training status reports with department contacts every other month. Employees may receive additional emails about overdue courses from deans, department heads, supervisors, etc..

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