I tried to access Session II of the Child Protection Policy course, but the “Run Course” button is red, and nothing happens when I click on it. Why?

The Child Protection Policy course has two sessions. Session I – Protecting Children From Abuse contains the course content and Session II – Child Protection Certification and Acknowledgement is a brief online form. You will not be able to access Session II until after you complete Session I.

If you believe you have completed Session I but are still unable to access Session II, you may not have viewed all of the content in Session I. Return to the course, then select the Progress & Tests tab. The status column indicates your progress in the individual topics.

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An empty circle displays if you have not viewed any of the pages in the topic. A partially shaded circle indicates that you have viewed at least one page in the topic, and a completely shaded circle shows that you have viewed all of the pages in the topic. All circles must be completely shaded for completion to be recorded.

After completing Session I, you may need to select Refresh in order to update your completion status on the Training Modules or Learning Plan page and access Session II.

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