I thought I finished a course, but the Training Academy system shows the status as “Incomplete.” Why?

The system may not record completion if your computer and browser are not  properly configured to use Training Academy. Before accessing the training system, or to address any technical problems you might experience, you should make sure your computer and browser are ready to use Training Academy.

If the “course” is a PDF document:

  • You may not have selected Confirm in the box that appears after the document is closed.

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If the course uses the Skillsoft Course Player:

  • Be sure to use the Exit button(s) to exit the course player; otherwise, your progress may be lost.

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  • You may need to select Refresh in order to update your completion status on the Training Modules or Learning Plan page.

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  • You may not have viewed all of the content in the course. Return to the course, then select the Progress & Tests tab. The status column indicates your progress in the individual topics.

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An empty circle displays if you have not viewed any of the pages in the topic. A partially shaded circle indicates that you have viewed at least one page in the topic, and a completely shaded circle shows that you have viewed all of the pages in the topic. All circles must be completely shaded for completion to be recorded.

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