I got a required training notice several weeks ago but now I can’t log in and/or access the courses. What’s wrong?

Are you currently active on payroll?

This sometimes happens when an employee’s status in the Banner payroll and human resources systems changes after the assignment was made but before it was completed. For example, someone employed during the Spring term who receives, but doesn’t complete, a Training Academy assignment in February won’t be able to access the training system and complete that assignment in July if they aren’t active on payroll during the Summer term. The course(s) will be available when the employee’s payroll status is active again.

To avoid this problem (and those pesky overdue notices), it’s best to complete required courses as soon as possible after receiving a training notice.

If you are active on payroll, make sure you are attempting to log in to the correct site and with the correct username and password by following these instructions. If you are still unable to log in, please contact HR Learning & Development at 205-348-9700 or HRLearningandDevelopment@ua.edu.

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