I am a non-UA individual. How do I complete the Clery Act, HIPAA Privacy and Security and Harassment Prevention training and provide proof of completion?

Non-UA individuals required to complete their compliance training do so via the Skillport online learning system.

Before accessing Skillport, or to address any technical problems you might experience, you should ensure your computer and browser are ready to use Skillsoft products by following the instructions in this FAQ entry.

When your computer and browser are ready:

1. Access Skillport via the Skillport page on the HR Learning & Development website or by going to https://uahr.skillport.com.

2. If you have already created a Skillport account, skip to step 5. If you have not, follow the link under Non-UA Individuals to register for a non-employee account (the New User Registration form may also be accessed directly here: https://uahr.skillport.com/skillportfe/register.action).

Compliance Training Step 2

3. Complete the New User Registration form. When asked to choose a group, select Non UA Employees.

Compliance Training Step 3

4. If you are not automatically logged in to Skillport after submitting your registration, return to the Skillport log in page.

5. Log in with the username and password you created. Be sure to check the box next to “Upon entering this site…

Compliance Training Step 5

6. While logging in to or using Skillport, you may see messages or security warnings asking if you want to run, accept, or allow applications from Skillsoft, Skillport, Oracle, or Java. These messages will differ depending on the computer and browser you use, but you will need to allow the applications in order to successfully use the training system and can choose to allow them just once or always.

Compliance Training Step 6

7. From the Skillport home screen, select Catalog.

1-30-2015 12-05-31 PM

8. Launch your required compliance training course.

You can do this by hovering over the title of the course, then selecting Launch.

Compliance Training Step 8a

You can also do this by clicking the title of the course then selecting the Launch icon.

Compliance Training Step 8b

9. The course player will open in a new window. Use the Skillsoft Course Player navigation buttons to move through the course.

A sample course is pictured below, along with a description of each course player button and its function(s).

Compliance Training Step 9a

  1. Table of Contents – Access to all instructional content.
  2. Progress & Tests – Information about your progress in the course, including test status and scores and your progress for individual lessons or topics.
  3. Begin Course / Return to Bookmark / Next Page – Main navigation button. Used to begin the course, resume where you left off, or move to the next page.

1-23-2015 12-26-44 PM

  1. Exit – Use this button to exit the course; otherwise, your progress may be lost.
  2. Home – Returns you to Table of Contents or Progress & Tests, depending on where you entered the course.
  3. Resources Dialog – Contents vary by course but may include references, course index, Job Aids, transcripts, settings, and more.
  4. Previous Page – Displays the previous page.
  5. Next Page – Displays the Next page.

1-23-2015 12-31-26 PM

  1. Pause – Used to halt the course. Pressing it again will resume the course.
  2. Auto Advance – Turns the auto advance off or on. Once a course is started, it plays automatically, stopping on pages that require user interaction. If auto advance is disabled, you have to click the Next Page button to progress.
  3. Audio – Turns the audio off or on.
  4. Closed Captions – Turns captions on and off.

For courses that require testing (HIPAA and Harassment), complete the following steps.  For the Clery Act course, proceed to step 15.

10. At the conclusion of the course content, you will be prompted to successfully answer the following test questions.

Compliance Training Step 10

11. To start the test select theBegin Test button.

Compliance Training Step 11

12. Respond to all questions.

13. You must score an 80 or better to successfully complete the course.

Compliance Training Step 13

14.  After completing the test, click on the next page button.

15. After completing the course, selectExit Course to exit the course player.

Compliance Training Step 15

16. Select Yes to exit the course (select No if you have not completed the course and/or do not wish to exit).

Compliance Training Step 16

17. After successfully completing the course, you may be required to provide proof of completion.  To provide proof of completion select My Progress.

Compliance Training Step 17a

Then selectCompleted.

Compliance Training Step 17b

Then select Print Report.

Compliance Training Step 17c

The Select Completed and the OK.

Compliance Training Step 17d

This is what your progress report will look like.

Compliance Training Step 17e

Select Print Report to view a report of your completed training. Use your browser menu to print or save the report or certificate to provide your employer, program, or camp.

To print selectFile then Print.  Then click onOK.

Compliance Training Step 17f

Select Log Out to log out of Skillport.

Compliance Training Step 17g

For technical questions and support:

Compliance Training Step 17h

  1. Selecting Help will display information based on your current location in the training system.
  2. Selecting Support will provide contact information for Skillsoft Customer Support.
  3. Links to support resources can be found on the Home screen.

Resources for additional assistance:

Our Online Compliance Training Quick Start Guide (PDF) provides instructions to help you: make sure you receive training notices, make sure your computer and browser are ready to use Skillport, understand how to complete the required courses, and know how to get help.

Our Online Learning FAQs provide quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Known issues such as outages and errors are posted in HR Learning & Development News.

For questions concerning login access or assignments in Skillport, please contact HR Learning & Development at 205-348-9700 or HRLearningandDevelopment@ua.edu.

For technical questions and support, contact Skillsoft Customer Support.

Skillsoft Customer Support:

Web site: http://support.skillsoft.com

Phone Number: 866-754-5435 (If you are a student of Skillsoft products, press 2)

Email: support@skillsoft.com

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