How does a new employee get registered for Orientation?

Important: New employees must have a myBama email account and CWID issued in order to access the online registration system in Skillport. The hiring manager or departmental designee will need to provide this information to the new employee. The employee can then log in and register for orientation by following the instructions in the Skillport ILT Learner Guide.

It is vital that a new employee’s Personnel Action form be submitted to Payroll at least one week prior to the hire date to ensure that HR Learning and Development can get the necessary data from Banner in time for orientation enrollment.

Staff New Employee Orientation is comprised of 3 separate sessions:

Day 1 – New Employee Orientation
Day 2 – Benefits Orientation
Day 3 – Management Orientation

Faculty Benefits Orientation consists of one 3.5 hour session. Multiple sessions are offered prior the beginning of the academic year.

The new employee must be registered for each orientation session they need to attend and must attend within 30 days of their date of hire.

Special Note:

  • Those that are NOT benefits eligible do not need to attend Day 2.
  • Current employees who have a status change to a benefits eligible position must enroll in Day 2 Benefits Orientation within 30 days of the status change.
  • Only those that supervise staff need to attend Day 3 – Management Orientation.

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