How do I disable my browser’s pop-up blocker or change its settings to allow pop-ups for Skillsoft sites?

In order to use Skillport and Training Academy, you must disable your browser’s pop-up blocker or change its settings to allow pop-ups for these sites:


We recommend you follow all of these instructions to make sure your computer and browser are ready to use Skillsoft products, but here are some quick links to instructions for managing pop-up settings in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Chrome: Allowing pop-ups through the address bar   or  changing the advanced settings to allow pop-ups.

Firefox: Pop-up blocker settings

Internet Explorer: Change security and privacy settings for Internet Explorer (select Pop-up Blocker)


  • Depending on which version of Safari you are using, you can turn pop-up blocking on and off via Safari menu > Block Pop-Up Windows or Safari menu > Preferences > Security > Block Pop-Up Windows.

PC users may also be able to allow pop-ups on a one-time basis by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the link that opens the pop-up window.

In some cases, an administrator account may be required to make or save  these changes. If you can’t or don’t wish to make changes to your computer, you are welcome to use Skillport and Training Academy in the HR Learning & Development computer lab. Please call 205-348-9700 so we can ensure it is available to you.

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