Onboarding Guide for New Employees

Before Your First Day

Pre-Employment Screenings – The University’s background-check policy for hiring has been amended, effective Dec. 1, 2012. As a result, pre-employment background checks are now mandatory for final candidates for employment. Your hiring department will work closely with you to process the necessary forms to complete these screenings.  Human Resources Background Investigations Policy 

UA Benefits Summary Guide for Faculty and Staff – Review the UA  Benefits Summary  and current medical insurance rates before you sign up for your benefits.

The Many Benefits of Working at The University of Alabama – Additional benefits and conveniences that may be of interest to you as a new employee.

New Employee Orientation – New employees must attend an orientation session as soon as possible after beginning employment. Employees with a change in status must attend orientation immediately following the date their job status changes.

Enrollment in benefits programs must take place within 30 days of your hire date.

View dates and register for new employee orientation.

Parking On Campus – Before your first day at the University, be sure to coordinate with your supervisor where to park on your first day on campus.

New Faculty/Staff Setup for Access to Campus Privileges – The purpose of the procedure outlined in this document is to make campus privileges available to new/incoming faculty and staff before the appropriate documentation has been received in Human Resources to establish them as regular paid employees.  The same procedure will also apply to faculty and staff who are not paid by the Institution but need the same campus privileges. This group includes adjunct faculty, ROTC, teachers in residence, contractors, etc. These privileges include but may not be limited to: MyBama, library, parking, security access, Action Card, recreation center, and Banner forms.

New Faculty/Staff Set-up Form

New Faculty/Staff Set Up Form Instructions


Your First Week at UA

Parking and Maps of Campus – Before you arrive your first day, we suggest that you be familiar with campus parking. Visit the UA Parking Services website to access parking zones and maps information, as well as information  about purchasing an employee parking pass.

CWID -In lieu of using a social security number as identification on campus, UA uses a campus wide ID number. This is assigned to each employee once the employee’s Personnel Action form (PA) goes through the approval process.

ACTCard – This is a visual identification card for on campus use. This card will allow employees access to certain buildings and other campus privileges.  

Find questions and answers to any questions you may have about your ACTCard.

Log in to view your ACTCard account.

Learn more about Bama Cash. 

Forms to Complete Your First Day of Work – Be prepared to complete the following  forms on your first day at UA:

Direct Deposit Form

I9 Form

Instructions for New Hire Form

Intellectual Property Agreement

New Hire Form (PDF)

Tax Withholding Forms

Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form

Voluntary Self-Identification of Protected Veterans for Post-Offer and Current Employees 

Personnel Action Form (PA) – This is the form that the University uses to pay its employees. This form is completed by supervisors on or before your 1st day.

MyBama Portal – The myBama portal is your source for University of Alabama services and information, all in one convenient place. You can use myBama for e-mail, update directory information, access UA e-time,  calendar, and to access other employee information. myBama is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Go to the myBama portal and create a password.

Forward your @bama email to your departmental email – Human Resources sends regular communications regarding all HR news, including benefits and mandatory compliance training, to your myBama email account  It is imperative to check your myBama email frequently – or forward to another UA email address to receive important communications from HR.

Setup Automatic Mail Forwarding

Emergency Alerts – One of the methods The University of Alabama uses for emergency notification is UA Alerts.  In an emergency, University Relations will activate the system, sending telephone calls (work, cell, and/or home), e-mail, and text (SMS) messages simultaneously to the campus community.

Find more information about UA Alerts.

Users will be able to update their personal information using their myBama portal.

Payroll Information – For assistance with general payroll questions, please call the HR Service Center at (205)348-7732 or visit the payroll services website. 



Your First Month at UA

New Employee Orientation – New employees and employees with a change in status must attend an orientation session as soon as possible after beginning employment. New Employee Orientation is a two day orientation that is designed to help new employees make a quick and successful transition to the University of Alabama.

Orientation Day 1 –  Day 1 offers new employees the opportunity to understand and enroll in UA benefits programs. These programs allow you to save money now and later using tax deferred savings programs, tax savings spending accounts, and retirement plans.

Each person will be required to present documentation substantiating eligibility in order to enroll a dependent in any of our health, dental, or vision insurance plans. The types of documentation required can be found at Dependent Documentation.

Orientation day 2 – On day 2 of New Employee Orientation, you will receive information about your employee benefits and have guidance from a UA benefit specialist while registering for University insurance and retirement benefits. Before Day 2 orientation,  you should have social security information for all beneficiaries you will be listing.

Enrollment in benefits programs must take place within 30 days of your hire date. 

Orientation Day 3 – Day 3 Management Orientation is for those who are new to a supervisory/management position at The University of Alabama and will be supervising Staff. This will include new hires as well as existing employees who are new to a supervisory/management role. Current members of management are welcome to attend.

View dates and register for new employee orientation.

Compliance Training – Employees will be notified of compliance training curricula that must be completed.  This curriculum may include topics such as harassment, right-to-know, UA’s child protection policy and workplace sensitivity. Training on the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Title IX or campus security authority may also be added based on specific job roles.

Employees will be informed of training requirements through their supervisors as well as by email notification sent to the employee’s myBama email address.

Payroll Information –  Employees are paid by direct deposit at the University of Alabama, but your first paycheck will be a paper copy. You will need to pick-up your first paycheck from the HR Service Center at 2102 Capital Hall. Each payperiod, pay stubs will be emailed to your Bama or crimson email account.