Pay Guidelines For Staff Pay Structure

These pay guidelines are to help ensure that The University of Alabama complies with all Federal, State and Local legislature pertaining to pay. All personnel actions that involve the establishment or change in compensation are subject to the review of the Department of Human Resources and the appropriate University of Alabama Vice President and/or President.

Hiring rates
Promotional Increases
Lateral Transfers
Effective Dates of Reclassification


Hiring Rates

The hiring official should determine an appropriate starting pay rate based on the candidate’s experience and skills, existing pay rates for current employees and the availability of funds. For candidates who are current employees, consideration needs to also be given based on whether the hiring action will be a promotion, lateral transfer or demotion for the employee. Specific guidelines related to each of these situations are defined in the next few sections. For recommendations above the 1 st quartile of the appropriate salary range the following factors should be considered: (1) qualifications of the candidate; (2) number of qualified candidates in the pool (3) cost and length of time associated with the recruiting campaign and (4) relevant salaries of other employees with the same job title and/or in positions within the same pay grade who possess similar qualifications as the candidate.

The hiring official may decide, if appropriate, to start a candidate at a rate of pay that is less than the approved amount stated in the recruitment documentation, but, not less than the minimum of the salary range for the position. In these instances, the hiring official has the option of increasing the employee’s rate of pay after the employee successfully completes their introductory period, which is usually no longer than six months in duration.

Giving a post-introductory period pay increase is at the discretion of the hiring official; however, it should be approved by the appropriate dean, director or department head at the time the initial offer is approved. It should be clearly communicated to the candidate that they may be eligible for a post-introductory pay increase based on job performance, but a pay increase is not guaranteed.

Approval Level Starting Pay
Supervisor Minimum to 1st Quartile
Dept Mgr/Director/Dean 1st Quartile to Midpoint*
Vice President Midpoint – 3rd Quartile**
President 3rd Quartile – Maximum**

Since roles and titles vary from division to division, the Vice President shall determine the appropriate approval level for each hiring official in their area.

*For departments in Student Affairs, approval from the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs is required to hire above the 1 st quartile of the salary range.
** A recommendation from the Department of Human Resources should be obtained prior to obtaining approval from the Vice President or President.


Promotional Increases

As a guideline, promotions (moving up one or more grades) may result in a salary increase of at least 5%. The appropriate increase should be determined by the hiring manager but it should not exceed the greater of 15% or the top of the first quartile.* Any promotional increase above the recommended guidelines require approval of the appropriate Vice President and/or President with a prior recommendation from the Department of Human Resources.

* For departments in Student Affairs, approval is required above the 1 st quartile from the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

A promotion for staff is the advancement of a current, active staff employee to a position in a higher salary grade than the employee’s present position.  A staff promotion could be the result of a reclassification of the employee’s current position to a higher salary grade or upon the employees hiring into a different position of a higher salary grade.


Lateral transfers

No increase in pay is recommended. Requests for salary increases must be approved by the appropriate Vice-President with a prior recommendation from the Department of Human Resources.



Demotions are discouraged in normal situations. Consideration for pay as it relates to transfers to a lower pay grade will be handled on an exception basis by the department head, the Department of Human Resources and the appropriate Vice President.


Effective Dates of Reclassification

The effective date of a reclassification will be at the beginning of a pay period following the reclassification date.