HR Partners by Area

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Orgn Description

HR Partner

150101 President Office O’Neal, Audrey
150106 Special Services/Events O’Neal, Audrey
150107 Capstone Men & Women O’Neal, Audrey
200001 VP Academic Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
200002 Student Outreach O’Neal, Audrey
200003 Cuba Initiative O’Neal, Audrey
200006 Helping Families Institute O’Neal, Audrey
200011 Office of Disability Services (ODS) O’Neal, Audrey
200012 Special Asst for Assessment O’Neal, Audrey
200013 Faculty Senate O’Neal, Audrey
200015 Institutional Research O’Neal, Audrey
200018 Center for Academic Success Hale, Sharon
200019 Undergraduate Advising & Student Support Hale, Sharon
200020 Initiative Ethics & Social Responsibility Copeland, Todd
200022 Creative Campus Hale, Sharon
200025 Special Projects O’Neal, Audrey
200026 Office of Disability Services Accommodation O’Neal, Audrey
200201 Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) Hale, Sharon
200401 Office of Equal Opportunity (EEO) O’Neal, Audrey
200402 Title IX O’Neal, Audrey
200501 Capstone International Center Hale, Sharon
200521 English Language Institute (ELI) Hale, Sharon
200601 AVP for Enrollment Mgt Hale, Sharon
200602 Test & Data Mgt Services Hale, Sharon
200603 Admissions Hale, Sharon
200604 Undergraduate Scholarship Office Hale, Sharon
200611 Admissions Campus Recruiting/Tours Hale, Sharon
200612 Admissions Processing Hale, Sharon
200620 Academic Records/University Registrar O’Neal, Audrey
200621 University Registrar O’Neal, Audrey
200631 Orientation Hale, Sharon
200641 Financial Aid Hale, Sharon
200651 Technical Support Services Hale, Sharon
200701 OIT Information Technology Hale, Sharon
200702 OIT Faculty Resource Center Hale, Sharon
200703 OIT Enterprise Information Systems Hale, Sharon
200704 OIT System Development Support – Action Card Hale, Sharon
200711 OIT Network & Computing Support Hale, Sharon
200712 OIT PC Support Hale, Sharon
200721 OIT Enterprise Technology Hale, Sharon
200722 OIT Classroom Resource Center Hale, Sharon
200731 OIT Telecommunications Hale, Sharon
200801 University Press Hale, Sharon
200802 Alabama Heritage Hale, Sharon
200901 Museums Hale, Sharon
200902 Discovering Alabama Hale, Sharon
200903 Mound State Park (MAP) Hale, Sharon
200905 Curation Hale, Sharon
200906 Archaeology Research (OAR) Hale, Sharon
201101 SHC Administration Hale, Sharon
201102 SHC Support Hale, Sharon
201103 SHC Physicians Hale, Sharon
201104 SHC Nursing Hale, Sharon
201105 SHC Laboratory Hale, Sharon
201106 SHC Pharmacy Hale, Sharon
201107 SHC Health & Wellness Hale, Sharon
201108 SHC Insurance Hale, Sharon
201109 SHC Student Programs Hale, Sharon
204101 Dean’s Office A&S O’Neal, Audrey
204102 Instruction O’Neal, Audrey
204105 Math Technology Center O’Neal, Audrey
204107 Blount U/G Initiative O’Neal, Audrey
204108 Computer Labs O’Neal, Audrey
204112 E-Tech O’Neal, Audrey
204161 Student Services O’Neal, Audrey
204211 Art O’Neal, Audrey
204213 Art Gallery O’Neal, Audrey
204214 Art Lab O’Neal, Audrey
204221 English O’Neal, Audrey
204224 Writing Center O’Neal, Audrey
204231 Modern Languages & Classics O’Neal, Audrey
204232 Critical Languages Center O’Neal, Audrey
204241 Music O’Neal, Audrey
204242 Band O’Neal, Audrey
204243 Community Music School O’Neal, Audrey
204251 Philosophy O’Neal, Audrey
204261 Religious Studies O’Neal, Audrey
204271 Theatre & Dance O’Neal, Audrey
204273 Theatre Gulf Shores O’Neal, Audrey
204281 Gender & Race Studies O’Neal, Audrey
204411 Biological Sciences O’Neal, Audrey
204413 Arboretum O’Neal, Audrey
204414 Biology Lab O’Neal, Audrey
204421 Chemistry O’Neal, Audrey
204423 Crystal Growth & Design O’Neal, Audrey
204424 Stockroom O’Neal, Audrey
204425 Chemistry Lab O’Neal, Audrey
204431 Geography O’Neal, Audrey
204432 Geography Lab O’Neal, Audrey
204433 Geography Map Library O’Neal, Audrey
204441 Geological Sciences O’Neal, Audrey
204442 Geological Sciences Lab O’Neal, Audrey
204451 Mathematics O’Neal, Audrey
204461 Physics O’Neal, Audrey
204611 American Studies O’Neal, Audrey
204621 Anthropology O’Neal, Audrey
204631 Brewer Porch Children Center O’Neal, Audrey
204632 Brewer Porch Adolescent Program O’Neal, Audrey
204633 Brewer Porch Autistic Program O’Neal, Audrey
204634 Brewer Porch Outpatient Day Treatment Program O’Neal, Audrey
204641 Communicative Disorders O’Neal, Audrey
204651 Criminal Justice/Sociology O’Neal, Audrey
204661 History O’Neal, Audrey
204671 Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR) O’Neal, Audrey
204681 New College O’Neal, Audrey
204682 Comm Based Rsh & Deliber Intern O’Neal, Audrey
204691 Political Science O’Neal, Audrey
204711 Psychology O’Neal, Audrey
204713 Psychology Clinic O’Neal, Audrey
204714 Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic O’Neal, Audrey
204718 UA – ACTS Program O’Neal, Audrey
204723 Ctr for Mental Health & Aging O’Neal, Audrey
206101 Dean’s Office C&BA Hale, Sharon
206102 C&BA Alumni & Corporate Relations Hale, Sharon
206103 C&BA Student Services Hale, Sharon
206104 C&BA Career Service Satellite Hale, Sharon
206106 C&BA Career Center Operations Hale, Sharon
206201 C&BA Ctr for Business & Economic Research Hale, Sharon
206203 C&BA Associate Dean for Research Hale, Sharon
206210 C&BA AL Center for Insurance Information & Research Hale, Sharon
206221 C&BA Technology Services Hale, Sharon
206222 C&BA E-commerce Lab Hale, Sharon
206223 C&BA Computing Services Hale, Sharon
206231 C&BA Alabama Productivity Center Hale, Sharon
206241 C&BA Small Business Development Cent Hale, Sharon
206261 C&BA Real Estate Research Center Hale, Sharon
206301 C&BA Marketing Hale, Sharon
206401 C&BA School Of Accountancy Hale, Sharon
206501 C&BA Economics Finance & Legal Studies Hale, Sharon
206601 C&BA Info Systems/Statistics/Mgt Science Hale, Sharon
206731 C&BA Alabama Technology Network (ATN) Hale, Sharon
206801 C&BA Management Hale, Sharon
206802 C&BA Business Communication Hale, Sharon
206901 C&BA CMBA Program Hale, Sharon
206902 C&BA EMBA Program Hale, Sharon
206904 C&BA Huntsville EMBA Program Hale, Sharon
206950 C&BA Economic Development Hale, Sharon
206951 C&BA Economic Development – Outreach Hale, Sharon
206952 C&BA Film & Entertainment Hale, Sharon
206953 C&BA Tourism Project Hale, Sharon
206954 C&BA Alabama Trails Commission Hale, Sharon
206971 C&BA Economic Development – AL International Trade Ctr Hale, Sharon
206972 C&BA Alabama SBDC Network Hale, Sharon
207101 Dean’s Office CCIS O’Neal, Audrey
207103 CCIS Undergrad Studies & Extern O’Neal, Audrey
207151 CCIS Graduate Studies in Communication O’Neal, Audrey
207201 CCIS Advertising & Public Relation O’Neal, Audrey
207251 CCIS Ctr for Public Television & Radio O’Neal, Audrey
207253 CCIS WUAL O’Neal, Audrey
207301 CCIS Communication Studies O’Neal, Audrey
207302 CCIS Debate Team O’Neal, Audrey
207351 CCIS Institute for Communication & Info Research O’Neal, Audrey
207401 CCIS School of Library & Info Studies O’Neal, Audrey
207451 CCIS Journalism & Creative Media O’Neal, Audrey
207453 CCIS Journalism Professorship in Writing O’Neal, Audrey
207501 CCIS Telecommunication & Film O’Neal, Audrey
207551 CCIS WVUA 23 O’Neal, Audrey
208101 Dean’s Office Medical School O’Neal, Audrey
208106 Medical Student Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
208107 Resident Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
208108 CCHS Social Work O’Neal, Audrey
208111 CCHS Marketing O’Neal, Audrey
208121 Community & Rural Medicine O’Neal, Audrey
208122 Institute for Rural Health Research O’Neal, Audrey
208126 IRHR-Clinical Investigations O’Neal, Audrey
208131 Family Medicine O’Neal, Audrey
208141 Health Sciences Library O’Neal, Audrey
208151 Internal Medicine O’Neal, Audrey
208152 Hospitalists O’Neal, Audrey
208161 OB/GYN O’Neal, Audrey
208162 OB/GYN Contract Funds O’Neal, Audrey
208171 Pediatrics O’Neal, Audrey
208181 Psychiatry O’Neal, Audrey
208191 Surgery O’Neal, Audrey
208401 University Medical Center (UMC) O’Neal, Audrey
208411 UMC Business Office O’Neal, Audrey
208421 UMC Lab O’Neal, Audrey
208431 UMC Medical Records O’Neal, Audrey
208441 UMC Health Informatics O’Neal, Audrey
208442 UMC Family Medicine Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
208443 UMC Pediatrics Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
208444 UMC OB/GYN Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
208445 UMC Internal Medicine Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
208446 UMC Psychiatry Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
208448 UMC Warrior Multi-Specialty O’Neal, Audrey
209101 CCS Program Support Dean O’Neal, Audrey
209102 CCS Program Support OLLI O’Neal, Audrey
209103 CCS Program Support Corp Engagement O’Neal, Audrey
209104 CCS Bryant Museum O’Neal, Audrey
209105 CCS College Relations O’Neal, Audrey
209201 CCS Administrative Services O’Neal, Audrey
209301 CCS Academic Outreach O’Neal, Audrey
209304 CCS External Degree O’Neal, Audrey
209305 CCS Gadsden Center O’Neal, Audrey
209312 CCS ACCESS O’Neal, Audrey
209314 CCS Instructional Tech & Academic Studies O’Neal, Audrey
209315 CCS Program Development & Marketing O’Neal, Audrey
209317 CCS Early College O’Neal, Audrey
209401 CCS Program Support Conf Services O’Neal, Audrey
209402 CCS Paul Bryant Conference Center O’Neal, Audrey
209501 CCS Safe State O’Neal, Audrey
209502 CCS Environmental Program O’Neal, Audrey
209503 CCS Occupational Safety & Health O’Neal, Audrey
209504 CCS Program Support Safe State O’Neal, Audrey
212101 Dean’s Office Education Hale, Sharon
212102 Education Instruction Hale, Sharon
212103 Education Policy Center Hale, Sharon
212104 Education Technology Support Services Hale, Sharon
212105 Education Inservice Center Hale, Sharon
212106 Education Office for Research & Service Hale, Sharon
212107 Education Tannehill Learning Center Hale, Sharon
212108 Education Evaluation Office Hale, Sharon
212201 Education Student Services & Certification Hale, Sharon
212202 Education Clinical Experience Hale, Sharon
212301 International Program Hale, Sharon
212401 Education Curriculum & Instruction Hale, Sharon
212402 Education Belser-Parton Literacy Center Hale, Sharon
212501 Education Leadership/Policy/Tech Studies Hale, Sharon
212504 Education Executive ED.D Program Hale, Sharon
212505 Education Instructional Leadership Hale, Sharon
212601 Education Studies Psy/Res Method/Counseling Hale, Sharon
212701 Education Special Ed & Multiple Abilities Hale, Sharon
212702 Education Crossing Points Hale, Sharon
212801 Education Kinesiology Hale, Sharon
212803 Education Alabama Disability Sports Hale, Sharon
212901 Education Music Education Hale, Sharon
214101 Dean’s Office Engineering Hale, Sharon
214103 Engineering Development Hale, Sharon
214106 Eng Institute for Automotive Engine Hale, Sharon
214107 Eng Office of Sponsored Eng Program Hale, Sharon
214108 Eng Equipment Fee Hale, Sharon
214131 Eng Student Services – Student Support Hale, Sharon
214132 Eng Student Services – Instruction Hale, Sharon
214133 Eng Cooperative Education Hale, Sharon
214141 Eng Services – Maintenance Hale, Sharon
214142 Eng Services – Technology Hale, Sharon
214211 Eng Aerospace & Engineering Mechanics Hale, Sharon
214221 Eng Chemical & Biological Engineering Hale, Sharon
214231 Eng Civil Construction & Environmental Engineering Hale, Sharon
214241 Eng Computer Science Hale, Sharon
214251 Eng Electrical & Computer Eng Hale, Sharon
214271 Eng Mechanical Eng Hale, Sharon
214281 Eng Metallurgical & Materials Eng Hale, Sharon
214291 Eng Center for Advance Public Safety (CAPS) Hale, Sharon
215101 Dean’s Office Graduate School Hale, Sharon
216101 Dean’s Office Honors College Hale, Sharon
216121 Computer Based Honors Program Hale, Sharon
216131 International Honors Program Hale, Sharon
216141 University Honors Program Hale, Sharon
217101 Dean’s Office HES O’Neal, Audrey
217102 HES Instruction O’Neal, Audrey
217103 HES Course & Lab Fees O’Neal, Audrey
217104 HES Distance Learning O’Neal, Audrey
217105 HES Student Services O’Neal, Audrey
217106 HES Computer Lab O’Neal, Audrey
217201 HES CDR O’Neal, Audrey
217301 HES Clothing Textiles/Interior Design O’Neal, Audrey
217401 HES Consumer Sciences O’Neal, Audrey
217403 HES CSM IIT-Institute for Interactive Technology O’Neal, Audrey
217501 HES Health Studies/Athletic Training O’Neal, Audrey
217505 HES Distance Education O’Neal, Audrey
217506 HES Health Studies O’Neal, Audrey
217601 HES Human Development/Family Studies O’Neal, Audrey
217602 HES The Children’s Program – Child Development O’Neal, Audrey
217701 HES Human Nutrition O’Neal, Audrey
217702 HES Restaurant/Hotel Hospitality Mgt O’Neal, Audrey
217801 HES Rise O’Neal, Audrey
217901 HES University Club O’Neal, Audrey
218101 Dean’s Office School of Law Hale, Sharon
218102 Law School Admissions Hale, Sharon
218104 Law School Career Services Hale, Sharon
218105 Law School Info & Tech Support Hale, Sharon
218106 Law School Professional Development Funds Hale, Sharon
218107 Law School LLM Tax Program Hale, Sharon
218108 Law School Advancement Office Hale, Sharon
218112 Law School Adjunct Faculty/Lecturers Hale, Sharon
218131 Law School General Law Studies Hale, Sharon
218141 Law School Trial Advocacy Hale, Sharon
218142 Law School AL Disability Advocacy Program (ADAP) Hale, Sharon
218151 Law School Continuing Legal Education Hale, Sharon
218161 Law School Law Library Hale, Sharon
219101 University Libraries O’Neal, Audrey
221101 Army Copeland, Todd
221201 Air Force Copeland, Todd
223101 Dean’s Office Nursing O’Neal, Audrey
223102 Nursing Instruction O’Neal, Audrey
223103 Nursing Lab O’Neal, Audrey
223104 Nursing Continuing Studies O’Neal, Audrey
223201 Nursing Parrish Clinic O’Neal, Audrey
224101 Dean’s Office Social Work Hale, Sharon
224102 Social Work Hale, Sharon
224104 Social Work Continuing Studies Hale, Sharon
224107 Youth Services Institute (YSI) Hale, Sharon
224108 WOW Hale, Sharon
301101 VP Advancement O’Neal, Audrey
301102 Advancement Services O’Neal, Audrey
301103 Alumni Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
301107 Planned Giving O’Neal, Audrey
301108 Alumni Calling Center O’Neal, Audrey
301201 Strategic Communication Administration O’Neal, Audrey
301202 Strategic Communications-Communications O’Neal, Audrey
301203 Strategic Communications Marketing & Brand Strategy O’Neal, Audrey
401101 VP Community Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
401201 Ctr for Community Based Partner O’Neal, Audrey
401202 Crossroads Community Center O’Neal, Audrey
500001 VP Financial Affairs O’Neal, Audrey
500003 Healthcare Insurance Administration O’Neal, Audrey
500004 VP Equestrian O’Neal, Audrey
500101 Risk Management O’Neal, Audrey
500201 Environmental Health & Safety O’Neal, Audrey
500301 Compliance & Grants O’Neal, Audrey
502101 AVP for Finance O’Neal, Audrey
502201 Student Account Services O’Neal, Audrey
502202 Loans Receivable O’Neal, Audrey
502301 Purchasing O’Neal, Audrey
502302 Furnishings & Design O’Neal, Audrey
502303 Upholstery O’Neal, Audrey
502304 Accounts Payable O’Neal, Audrey
502305 Purchasing Card Services O’Neal, Audrey
502306 Procurement Services O’Neal, Audrey
502307 Contract Administration O’Neal, Audrey
502401 Financial Accounting & Reporting O’Neal, Audrey
502501 Tax Office O’Neal, Audrey
504101 AVP Facilities & Grounds Copeland, Todd
504103 Grounds Copeland, Todd
504104 Plumbing Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504105 Heating Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504106 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Copeland, Todd
504107 Facility Custodial Copeland, Todd
504111 Energy Management Copeland, Todd
504131 Electrical Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504132 Elevator Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504191 Housing Custodial Copeland, Todd
504231 Coliseum Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504232 Athletic Facility Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504234 Coliseum Practice Facility Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504241 Building Maintenance Copeland, Todd
504245 Foster Copeland, Todd
504248 Facilities Brewer Porch Center Copeland, Todd
505101 AVP for Enterprise Operations Copeland, Todd
505102 Parking Administration O’Neal, Audrey
505103 Bruno Team Event O’Neal, Audrey
505104 Transit O’Neal, Audrey
505131 Fleet O’Neal, Audrey
505141 Action Card O’Neal, Audrey
505161 University Printing O’Neal, Audrey
505162 Crimson Copies O’Neal, Audrey
505163 Bulk Mail O’Neal, Audrey
505171 Supply Store – Ferguson O’Neal, Audrey
505173 Supply Store – Corner Supe Store O’Neal, Audrey
505181 Food Service O’Neal, Audrey
506101 AVP for Human Resources O’Neal, Audrey
506109 Health & Wellness O’Neal, Audrey
507101 Public Safety Administration Nye, Mary
507102 Emergency Preparedness Nye, Mary
507121 UAPD Nye, Mary
507141 Access Control Nye, Mary
507142 Security Technology Nye, Mary
507143 Security Resources Nye, Mary
508101 AVP Financial Affairs Business Activities O’Neal, Audrey
508102 Business Administration for Construction & Physical O’Neal, Audrey
508106 Capstone Village Administration Moore, Sally
508115 FABA Administrative Services Copeland, Todd
508401 Logistical Administration Copeland, Todd
508402 Campus Mail Copeland, Todd
508403 Campus Mail Ferguson Center Copeland, Todd
508404 Logistical Support Copeland, Todd
508405 Recycle Center Copeland, Todd
508406 University Garage Services Copeland, Todd
508408 Central Receiving/Property & Inventory Mgt Copeland, Todd
508410 Special Property Management Copeland, Todd
509101 Construction Administration Copeland, Todd
510101 University Planning Copeland, Todd
510201 Land Management/Minerals Copeland, Todd
510202 Timber Management Copeland, Todd
510206 Cellular Operations Copeland, Todd
511101 Payroll O’Neal, Audrey
512101 Special Detail Services Nye, Mary
513101 Police Operations Nye, Mary
514101 Financial Affairs Information Technology (FAIT) O’Neal, Audrey
514102 Space Management O’Neal, Audrey
600101 Athletic Director Hale, Sharon
600102 Academics Hale, Sharon
600103 Band Hale, Sharon
600104 Business Office Hale, Sharon
600105 Cheerleaders Hale, Sharon
600106 Crimson Cabaret Hale, Sharon
600108 Equipment Operations Hale, Sharon
600109 Film Hale, Sharon
600110 Flight Operations Hale, Sharon
600111 General Administration Hale, Sharon
600113 Athletics Communications Hale, Sharon
600114 Compliance Hale, Sharon
600116 Publications Hale, Sharon
600117 Strength & Conditioning Hale, Sharon
600118 Ticket Office Hale, Sharon
600119 Training Hale, Sharon
600120 Licensing Hale, Sharon
600121 Promotions Hale, Sharon
600122 Crimson Tide Productions Hale, Sharon
600125 Life Skills Hale, Sharon
600145 Event Technology Hale, Sharon
600146 Athletic Photography Hale, Sharon
600150 Information Technology Hale, Sharon
600151 Academic Tutoring Hale, Sharon
600152 Nutrition Hale, Sharon
600153 Crimson Rewards Hale, Sharon
600154 Outbound Ticket Sales Hale, Sharon
600157 SEC Network Hale, Sharon
600181 IA Development Hale, Sharon
600201 Operations Hale, Sharon
600202 Athletics Building Maintenance Hale, Sharon
600203 Grounds Maintenance Hale, Sharon
600205 Rentals Hale, Sharon
601101 Football Hale, Sharon
601201 Basketball – Men Hale, Sharon
601301 Baseball Hale, Sharon
601401 Golf – Men Hale, Sharon
601501 Swimming – Men Hale, Sharon
601601 Tennis – Men Hale, Sharon
601701 Track – Men Hale, Sharon
602101 Basketball – Women Hale, Sharon
602201 Rowing – Women Hale, Sharon
602301 Golf – Women Hale, Sharon
602401 Gymnastics Hale, Sharon
602501 Soccer – Women Hale, Sharon
602601 Softball Hale, Sharon
602801 Tennis – Women Hale, Sharon
603101 Volleyball Hale, Sharon
607101 Operations Hale, Sharon
607102 Tide Pride Hale, Sharon
701101 VP Research Hale, Sharon
702103 AL Institution for Manufacturing Excellence Hale, Sharon
702104 Central Analytical Facility Hale, Sharon
702105 Research Compliance Hale, Sharon
702106 Animal Care Facility Hale, Sharon
702109 Technology Transfer Hale, Sharon
702111 NSF EPSCOR Hale, Sharon
702201 Sponsored Program Administration Hale, Sharon
702202 Contract & Grant Accounting Hale, Sharon
702401 SOMED Administration Hale, Sharon
702403 Clean Room Hale, Sharon
702601 Alabama Water Resource Center Hale, Sharon
750101 Economic Development – Outreach Hale, Sharon
750301 Economic Development – Academy Hale, Sharon
750601 Materials for Info Tech (MINT) Hale, Sharon
800101 VP Student Affairs Hale, Sharon
800104 Student Governance Hale, Sharon
800110 Student Affairs Communications Hale, Sharon
800112 Student Affairs External Affair Hale, Sharon
800201 Student Affairs Assessment Hale, Sharon
810101 Sr AVP Student Affairs Hale, Sharon
810201 W&GRC Administration/Operations Hale, Sharon
810204 W&GRC Advocacy Hale, Sharon
820102 Fiscal Affairs Hale, Sharon
820201 Ferguson Center Administration Hale, Sharon
820204 Ferguson Center Facilities Hale, Sharon
820205 Ferguson Center Housekeeping Hale, Sharon
820206 Intercultural Diversity Center Hale, Sharon
820208 Ferguson Center Marketing Hale, Sharon
820209 Ferguson Center Program Hale, Sharon
820210 Ferguson Center Reservations Hale, Sharon
820211 Ferguson Computer Lab Hale, Sharon
820301 Web Development Processes Hale, Sharon
820401 Residential Life Administration Hale, Sharon
820404 Residential Life Summer Conference Hale, Sharon
820409 HRC ResComm-Burke/Parham/Harris Hale, Sharon
820410 HRC ResComm-Bryant/BL/Highlands Hale, Sharon
820411 HRC Facility Operations Hale, Sharon
820412 Conference Host Hale, Sharon
820413 HRC ResComm-Blouont/Friedman Hale, Sharon
820414 Residential Life Marketing & Communication Hale, Sharon
820415 Off Campus Student Affairs Hale, Sharon
820416 HRC ResComm-Tutwiler Hale, Sharon
820417 HRC ResComm-Ridgecrest Hale, Sharon
820418 HRC ResComm-Lakeside/Riverside Hale, Sharon
820419 HRC ResComm-Presidential Village Hale, Sharon
820601 UREC Administration Hale, Sharon
820602 UREC Intramurals Hale, Sharon
820603 UREC Facility Operations Hale, Sharon
820605 SAC at Presidential Village Hale, Sharon
820606 UREC Marketing Hale, Sharon
820608 UREC Aquatic Center Hale, Sharon
820621 UREC Membership Services Hale, Sharon
820623 UREC Patron/Customer Services Hale, Sharon
820631 UREC Fitness/Group Exercise Hale, Sharon
820632 UREC Personal Training Hale, Sharon
820641 UREC Outdoor Hale, Sharon
820642 UREC Climbing Wall Hale, Sharon
820701 UREC Club Administration Hale, Sharon
830101 Career Center Admin Hale, Sharon
840101 Counseling Center Hale, Sharon
850101 Student Involvement & Leadership Hale, Sharon
850102 The SOURCE Hale, Sharon
850104 AVP Student Engagement Hale, Sharon
850107 Student Involvement Hale, Sharon
850109 Safe Zone Hale, Sharon
850201 University Programs General Hale, Sharon
850601 SGA Executive Hale, Sharon
850623 SGA Environmental Hale, Sharon
850701 Voluntary Services Hale, Sharon
850704 Al’s Pals Hale, Sharon
860101 Blackburn Institute Hale, Sharon
860201 New Student Program Hale, Sharon
860207 Parent Orientation Hale, Sharon
860210 Parent & Family Program Hale, Sharon
860211 First Year Experience Hale, Sharon
860212 Student Affairs External Affair Hale, Sharon
860301 Student Media Administration Hale, Sharon
860302 Student Media Hale, Sharon
860304 Corolla Hale, Sharon
860305 Marr’s Field Journal Hale, Sharon
860306 WVUA Media Planning Board (MPB) Hale, Sharon
860309 Student Media Digital Media Hale, Sharon
870101 Office of Student Conduct Hale, Sharon
870102 Believe UA Hale, Sharon
870103 Boys State Hale, Sharon
870106 DOS Special Projects Hale, Sharon
870201 Dean of Students Hale, Sharon
870202 Student Care & Well-being Hale, Sharon
870301 Fraternity & Sorority Life Hale, Sharon
870302 Greek House Directors Hale, Sharon
870401 Assoc Dean of Students Hale, Sharon
870501 Graduate Student Services Hale, Sharon
870601 Veterans/Military Affairs Hale, Sharon