Annual Leave (Vacation)

Department heads and supervisors are responsible for scheduling and approving annual leave of their staff prior to actual absences. Every effort will be made to schedule leave as requested by the employee. In scheduling leave, however, the effective continuation of the normal work routine will be the primary consideration. Supervisors, managers, or department heads will make the final 9 The University of Alabama determination regarding whether or not an employee’s annual leave may be taken at the time requested by the employee. A recognized holiday which occurs during an employee’s vacation will not be charged to annual leave time.

Neither annual leave nor comp time should be taken during the last pay period after a notice of resignation has been given.


Accrual of Annual Leave

Staff employees may accrue a maximum of 30 workdays of reimbursable annual leave. Annual leave on record over the maximum of 30 workdays after the last paycheck for the calendar year will be converted to sick leave.

All regular full-time and regular part-time employees who are not exempt from the timekeeping and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, (i.e. paid bi-weekly on an hourly basis) accrue annual leave in proportion to their length of service according to the following tables. The most recent hire date for continuous unbroken service at the University will be used to calculate the length of service for annual leave accrual. With proper approval, accrued annual leave may be taken at any time after employment.



(Based on a 38.75 hour workweek)

Years of Service Bi-Weekly Annual Accrual Accrual
0 through 5th year 3.58 hours 93.08 hours
6th year 3.88 100.88
7th year 4.17 108.42
8th year 4.47 116.22
9th year 4.77 124.02
10th and 11th year 5.07 131.82
12th and 13th year 5.37 139.62
14th and 15th year 5.67 147.42
16th and 17th year 5.96  
18th and 19th year 6.26  
20th and above 6.56  



(Based on a 40-hour workweek)

Years of Service Bi-weekly Annual Accrual Accrual
0 through 5th year 3.70 hours 96.20 hours
6th year 4.00 104.00
7th year 4.30 111.80
8th year 4.62 120.12
9th year 4.92 127.92
10th and 11th year 5.23 135.98
12th and 13th year 5.54 144.04
14th and 15th year 5.85 152.10
16th and 17th year 6.15 159.90
18th and 19th year 6.46 167.96
20th and above 6.77 176.02


Eligible employees accrue annual leave based on paid hours reported on timesheets, excluding extra-straight, overtime hours and 66 2/3% of OJI pay.

Exempt (monthly-paid) employees are given a more liberal annual leave allowance in recognition of the fact that they are not paid overtime and are not eligible for compensatory time. Regular full-time exempt staff accrue annual leave at the rate of 1.833 days for each month worked, which equates to 22 days per year. Exempt staff in this employment category must be in a paid status for 15 or more days during a calendar month to accrue annual leave for that month. Exempt staff who are in a paid status for fewer than 15 days in a calendar month do not accrue annual leave for that month.

Regular part-time exempt staff members accrue annual leave prorated on the basis of their FTE (full-time equivalency).


Unused Annual Leave 

Employees who terminate after six months of active employment with the University shall be paid for all accumulated and unused annual leave up to 30 days at the employees’ current rate of pay based on FTE.