Administrative Leave (Other Paid Leaves)

Regular full-time employees and regular part-time employees will be placed on administrative leave and excused without loss of pay, based on their eligibility, for the reasons listed below. If any of the following administrative leaves fall within annual or sick leave, they will be taken as administrative leave and not charged against annual or sick leave. If any of the conditions listed fall within a leave of absence without pay or within 66 2/3% OJI pay, they will not be paid as administrative leave.


Jury Duty 

The University will provide time off with pay from regularly scheduled work hours for the day or days an employee is required to serve on jury duty. The juror is required to return to work after he or she is finally discharged for all service or is released from service for a particular day by the court. In order to receive pay, proper documentation of time actually served must be provided.  Staff should notify their supervisor of impending jury duty as soon as they receive notice to serve.  A copy of the notice must be provided.


Witness Summons

If employees are subpoenaed to serve as witnesses in court and are called to the court during their regular shift, they will be paid for the time they are scheduled to work and are actively serving as witnesses. Proper documentation of time for court appearances must be provided.

Employees who appear as witnesses on their own behalf, either as plaintiffs or defendants, are not entitled to administrative leave. They may request annual leave for this purpose.



Time off with pay to vote in primary and general elections is not normally necessary. Voting hours are such that employees may vote either before or after work. If for some reason this is not possible, a request may be made to the supervisor for permission to arrive late to work or to leave early for the purpose of voting. Supervisors will determine whether this request may be approved based on the particular situation.


Campus Closings (Emergency and Weather)

In the event the University is forced to close due to inclement weather, natural disasters, power outages, or other uncontrollable circumstances, administrative leave may be granted. If, however, the University remains open during these times, employees are expected to report to work as usual. Employees who do not report to work when the University remains open during these times and who want to be paid must use appropriate leave to offset their absence.  The University recognizes that some employees may have greater problems than others in reporting to work during these times. In all such cases, employees who wish to be paid for absences must make requests for leave as soon as practicable through their supervisor.


Funeral Leave

Upon the death of immediate family members, regular part-time and regular full-time employees may be given up to three (3) workdays of administrative leave, per occurrence, as a result of the death of immediate family members. Regular part-time employees will be paid leave days prorated on their normally scheduled work hours. Funeral leave will not be charged to accrued annual or sick leave.

For purposes of administering this policy, “immediate family” of the employee includes only the following current relationships: spouse, children, step-children, children-in-law, parents, stepparents, parents-in-law, brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, and grandchildren. No aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins or other step relationships are included.

To be eligible for funeral leave, the employee should immediately notify their supervisor or department head of the need to take funeral leave. Upon return to work an official record, obituary notice or other form of documentation may be required to substantiate the request for paid leave. When approving the number of days to be granted for funeral leave, supervisors should take into account the requirements of the work unit.


Birthday Leave

Non-exempt staff are given paid administrative leave on their birthdays. Only regular full-time and regular part-time non-exempt employees are eligible for this benefit.

For a birthday that falls on an off day, supervisors will schedule the leave day either on the preceding workday or the following workday, depending on operational requirements. If operational requirements prevent granting administrative leave on either of these days, such leave should be scheduled within the bi-weekly pay period in which the birthday falls or the leave will be lost.

A birthday that falls within annual leave or sick leave will be taken as administrative leave but not charged against annual or sick leave. For a birthday that falls during a holiday period administrative leave must be scheduled by the supervisor as close to the holiday period as possible.

A birthday that occurs within a leave of absence without pay or within 66 2/3 % OJI pay, will not be paid as a birthday leave day.